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  1. James Build

    OK time for a bit of an update. First a few new photo's then my bad luck story Car was all ready after a 10 month build. Was realy excited to be hitting the track again. First outing for the car resulted in a faulty fuel pump early in the day, and as i was bringing the car in to park the oil pressure gauge buzzer went off. 0psi.... Switched it off straight away. Pushed it back on the trailer and went home. Got a whole 2 laps in for the day.. so yeah a shit day. Pulled the engine down a few days later, crank was quite badly worn, bits of copper and alloy from the bearing were everywhere. Anyways a good bloke i know always has a bit of stuff laying about, sold me a blacktop sr for $450, had been in a fire bombed car but apart from a bit of fire foam seemed ok. Flushed it a few times with oil, new water pump and just put the bits off my old motor back on. Got it up and running a few days later, did a comp test, 150psi on all cylinders (quite happy) Installed new bosch 040, flushed fuel take (crap in tank i believe killed the old one) and got a t28 to replace the t25 off the old motor as it was making a bit of smoke Also put some different engine mounts in and a new gearbox as old one had bad sincro's On the trailer and off to Tas Drift Round 5 After a few issues with minor stuff at the track day (blown intercooler pipe's off and forgetting to put a plug in the throttle body vacume line) Got about 2 laps in and the car started to blow white smoke About 4 laps later the car was no longer making boost. had blown the turbo, oil and alloy dust was all through intercooler piping. My day was over Having a bit of bad luck with the car, but plan to push on
  2. I'll be present, new motor in the 180, hope this one lasts for more than 2 laps....
  3. James Build

    ok here's the story, had a hr31 as an ongoing project for years, mate convinced me to come along to a drift day, ended up having a lot of fun so i kept doing it got sick of the hr31 after a year or so, sold it and bought a 180sx shell with the intention of building a full blown track car. Shell had a respray in Holden impulse blue and had a full cams roll cage fitted to it. Thought it was a good starting point. came with origin side skirts and rear bar, no front bar. How it looked when i found it, someone in this cars past spray foamed a set of skyline tail lights in the old girl. not my thing but the old mounts were cut out to make them fit so i guess i'm stuck with them. Car had no motor gearbox suspension had a diff and 4 stud front and rear, no brake and mismatched rims. So now i need to find a shit load of parts to get the car to the point where i could drive it. looked around for a bit One day flicking through boostcrusing found a crashed s13 for sale. Was just up the road so went for a quick look. What a gold mine, got sr20det, 5 speed, full new set of bc coilovers, camber arms, Bosch 040, caster arms, boss kit. Couldn't get it home quick enough. She's Wasn't much of a looker but she had the gear. Sold off the shell and a few left over bits. With the help of 2 mates and a weekend we moved everything for the s13 into the 180 and put all the standard shite in the s13 to keep it rolling. Had the 180 started by the end of the weekend. So from there Ive just been slowly finishing of bits and pieces around the car Added r33 brakes all round (including skyline drum handbrake) & 5 Stud conv. Oil filter relocation (no oil cooler yet) Finished Intercooler Setup(moved radiator back and brought intercooler in behind rad support) Kill Switch, fuse board on passenger floor, cleaned up a lot of wiring Found old bride on ebay and installed that. Got an old front bar of a guy here in tas and fixed/painted that up. Fitted Larger sump. Extended LCA's 25mm Found some r33 gtr wheels, might try and find another pair for quick changes How it sits at the moment. List of things still to do. Not much really Springs on exhaust to hold it together Extend tie rod ends Find T28 find Power FC get tune get wheel alignment put on trailer and take to track and try not to crash.
  4. OK, heres the story, my mate crashed his car and has trashed his LHS rear control arm, car is a 180SX. I'm pritty sure ive got the right part, have put a picture up to just make sure. He needs another one so if anyones go just the one (or even the left and right pair) name a price regards james
  5. Wanted: R31 Throttle cable

    hey mate ive got one if you still chasing, $10? im on the nw coast, devonport let me know, regards james
  6. R32 GTS-t Halfcut Cleanout + More

    interested in brake master cylinder? what would you be asking for it? regards james
  7. Chasing either one or i will understand if you only want to sell as a pair front r33 gts-t rotors also a rear RHS r33 caliper? ph. 0417575479 ow and f*ck you to pagey, ill give you a running race regards james
  8. need help retriving my car

    this kind of thing is so sad to see. I realy hope something is done by the police soon, this has gone way beyond normal levels. djrift im realy sorry to here about you car man and i realy hope some sort of justice is found over this. james
  9. very interested in the adapters. if your happy to let them go im happy to take them off you hands. james
  10. they sold? if not im pritty keen in them, can i grab a ph. number as id need to chat about organising pick up on the next few days james
  11. WTB : S13 Front Suspension and bits

    ive got some rotors no calipers, pritty sure there sr20 bit of surface rust but there realy no use to me as i got them with s13 hubs for my r31. what are they worth to you, i can post pics regards james
  12. Who's Who of NS-Tasmania?

    been about for a while, thought i should put myself up here Name: James Rand Location: Devonport, hopefully for not much longer, moving closer to the ice Occupation: Sparky Rides: Hr31 Skyline 2 Door Mods: rb30et, 3inch exaust, 600x300x75 front mount, Custom Intake, Lowered, Old School 16inch Momo's, Hicas Lockouts, (t4,hsd's and dori tecks in pipeline tho)
  13. R31 Stuff for sale

    ive got 2 shells and a running car that are up for sale, a s3 gx shell with no front hasnt had rego for about a year has motor in it with a stuffed auto box a s2 silo shell with most of a s3 front end, have all the bits except bonnet is dented, ran out of rego bout 6 months ago and a s3 thats has only just run out of rego, runs ok, looks pritty rough, front end is very average. you can buy the diff and interiour with what ever car you are interested in. ive got bloody r31's coming out my ass! im in devonport on the nw coast regards james
  14. R31 Stuff for sale

    ok guys im realy keen to get rid of some of this stuff s3 reo bar $80 2X s2 silo front spoilers, one in good nick, one pritty average few chips (getting hard to find these now) $250 for good one 150 for other full disk to disk LSD 3.7 Ratio, in good nick $400 Full silo blue interior. front drivers seat foam is a little average, rest is fine. $400 Hotplates and s3 garnish $200 Full Passage GT loom $80 S2 silo boot spoiler (the bob tail kind), in good nick $250 Manual Tailshaft $offers Full r31 exclusive loom $50 s2 silo tail lights, one has chip in corner $offers Full running s3 r31 auto exclusive, no rego, not a pritty car but goes fine, $600 full disk to disk single spinner 3.89 $80 Pritty much every interiour bit you can think of in blue $offers All door ,white $60 each S3 front guards ,streight, white $150 pair All Glass $40 each Trip Computer with plug $60 Crome door handles (full set) $60 Boot spoiler with break light, in white primer, looks kinda like a gts1 item. $100 Rb30e motor, 220 000km ran last time i fired it up, out of an auto $500 i have a shit load of other parts, if you need some thing just ask, dont be scarred to make an offer on something, i want this crap gone *nothing is sold till i have the cash in my hand, you have no idea how many times my old r30 was "sold" before someone actually came through with the cash. if you want pics pm me or harras me on msn james_rand0@hotmail.com regards james
  15. WTB: Shitter 1k or under

    ive got a r31 skyline, doesnt have rego old ran out a while ago, runs fine, has always started, is a bit rough in the front end, has a crapy black bonnet bitr rustie, rest of the car is red, you can have it for $600 unregersted? get in touch with me if you are interested, james_rand0@hotmail.com regards james