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  1. or an even cheaper option, pull out the dash cluster, open it up and put a piece of electrical tape over the airbag light in the back
  2. Hey Guys, Could I Have Your Opinion?

    driving into a open door does not do that kind of damage lol any kms on a 1989 silvia are probably going to be bullshit, so just go by the condition of the engine and body. If all the accident damage is repaired, chassis is straight and its running well, it seems like a fair price, but knock off $1k for the mismatched panels.
  3. Can anyone recommend a store for automotive paint supplies that has helpful staff and can match paint etc? Besides Autobarn.
  4. Wheel size ADVAN

    From memory stockies are something like 16x6.5+45, so they will sit about 25mm out more than stockies.. better than nothing if they are free, but I wouldn't pay for them.
  5. If you're worried just run the factory airbox. However, I don't think 99% of cops would care as long as its enclosed in a black box, they probably won't even know what they're looking at.
  6. Check my diet.

    While you're critiqueing his diet, what do you think of my diet? I'm 5'11, 80kg. Basically just looking to maintain my weight while I improve my strength for a more athletic upper body. I work in a professional environment so I want to maintain an athletic build as opposed to a larger build (so I look good in a shirt and tie ) I've also ordered some protein/creatine/fish oil which I'll get onto pre/post workout once it arrives. Yesterday: 7.00 am: rolled oats with approx a teaspoon of honey 10.00am: raw salmon 12.30pm: greek salad 3:00pm: more salmon and a can of tuna 7:00pm: subway chicken wrap Today: 7.00am: weetbix and milk 10.00am: leftover greek salad 12.30pm: subway chicken wrap 3.00pm: can of tuna 6.00pm: chicken breast and veggies
  7. Are the graphics on these games actually better? I read a review that said they are pretty much the same.. and as I already have them all I saw no point in buying this
  8. I had 17x9+22 all around at one stage on the s14 with 245 tyres and lipped guards. and they fit fine without any camber, a little sunken if anything. You can fit some pretty wide tyres on there.. only thing I would be concerned about is inner clearance on the rear rather than outer clearance, and I can't comment on that.
  9. Is it possible to just chop both sets of guards in half, swap them around and weld them back up? If that makes sense.
  10. Nismo ProTT recommended oil?

    For a stock diff just go a couple 1L bottles of valvoline or nulon LSD oil.. should be under $30 all up. I think its 80W-90 GL-5 from memory
  11. Matte Black Wide-body 180sx

    You don't need deep dish to have wide wheels. There are plenty of designs available in low offsets that don't involve deep dish, or you could just get some normal offset wheels that are really wide instead (like 11/12") you have the dream platform for sticking some fat wheels on there, don't waste it with some gay koyas!! (although that said the koyas do look pretty nice, i'm just exaggerating my point ) Sure you can just stick some fat spacers on there, but you're always better off getting wheels that fit without stupidly large spacers
  12. Using iPhone in US

    Haha I wasn't sure if you were serious so I googled it: http://www.techradar.com/news/mobile-computing/tablets/how-to-make-your-own-ipad-or-iphone-4-micro-sim-681020
  13. Tax deductible sponsorship?

    Here's how I see it.. I'm an accountant, but not a tax accountant so I'm no expert. Theres two ways you can do it A: Register your car under your company. Any expenses related to the car, such as servicing, maintenance, advertising stickers you claim as an expense. B: Have two seperate companies, any money you transfer from the real company to the racing company would be an expense for the real co. and income for the racing co. Then you claim all your car related expenses under the racing co. The amount you pay in 'sponsorship' would have to be equal to or greater than the expenses if you wanted to claim all the expenses. Either way you would effectively not pay tax on any car related costs, but scenario B probably looks a little better on the books.
  14. Matte Black Wide-body 180sx

    Says the guy with a hella flush silvia as his display pic.
  15. Matte Black Wide-body 180sx

    Looks sweet man but yeah.. needs wider wheels/lower offset or the wide body just looks silly. Some of these in 18x10.5+0 and 18x9.5+12 should fill out those guards and will only cost you around $2k.. will look 10 x better. http://www.shop.cart...ls-Var221MB.htm