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  1. hey there mate need the drivers guard is it in good nick?
  2. yes he is! this little thread makes me laugh i got new 35s on rims for 1400 from him but in saying that the other week i bought second handys with near same tread as new on -30 12" wide rims for 6 hunge.
  3. as for offset theyd be close to -24 they sat good on a hilux so will suit anything pretty much
  4. latest addition to my driveway

    haha im hoping that will be the case just gotta clean it up a bit more few more things to sort out finish the tray off an weld up my dropped front shackle mounts so far so good all is goin well so far trying to build it on the budget of all budgets to see how cheap you can build a decent capable rig for
  5. got this nice an cheap to build a fairly capable weekend warrior / comp truck got to many ideas an think it may get out of hand lol let me know what yas think so far? botom pic was about 2 weeks ago been working on it over the weekend
  6. bit of a run wednesday nite saw a blown head gasket an car has been sold!
  7. as title says 98 GU wagon 5 inch spring lift infront i think its around 4in the back with 2 body lift solid panhard rods tough dog RTC steering dampner Pioneer touchscreen DVD player Maxxis Bighorn 35" tyres on ROH wheels interior is mint car has been well looked after been in my family for the last 6 years i think, jus highway ks got 299*** on clock new genuine nissan glow plugs will have new water pump and thermo fan to. loking for around 11k ono strictly no swaps 0430 000 619
  8. my GU patrol

    yeh goin stainless snorkel when turbo gets changed i tink an na maxxis doin me well so that can stay
  9. my GU patrol

    bod lift in now for some new bar work!
  10. pair of 3" dobinsons front springs been on my car for around 3000 ks perfect condish $120
  11. my GU patrol

    yeh nah front locker on the list got a body lift here ready to go and im buying a quality winch in a few weeks cheers for the comments guys an yeh its great in the mud an were ever else i aim it.
  12. my GU patrol

    heres me patrol got it stock off me brother 5 months ago approx.. first fourby best fun ive had in a while its goes everywere. 4" lift 35s steering dampner lots of tit bits an lots more to go.
  13. 4x4 topic/crew

    thats MADAZ !

    munch munch tires for lunch!!
  15. help the noob

    mmm pretty sure that is EGR bollocks piss it off mate !!