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  1. my sil front for ur 180 front

    =TypeX=, you've been warned. Such a personal attack, totally unprovoked, if you want to be this personal, keep it off NS forums plz. I havnt warned shamal, he didnt start anything and he was doing great keeping this thread on topic. Im going to clean up the thread and keep it open hoping it stays on topic. Any issues TypeX, shoot me a PM.
  2. I highly recommend FEENIN Performance aswell. Any business you have left voice messages for, sms's, emails, and hear nothing back, they dont deserve your moolah.
  3. WRX suspension

    Stand their smiling with a boner at vic roads and hope they dont bother checking out the car?
  4. mods please delete

    Life's been a bit crazy latley. But things are starting to settle down. And yep, as of last week, i am licensed again. WooHoo!
  5. <.>.<> STOLEN: black 180sx <>.<>.<>

    he's already been payed out and bought another car and started modding it In that case, Unpinned, and locked. Enjoy the new car Alan.
  6. Take this sh!t away please...

    No kidding. Wise move on his behalf!
  7. mods please delete

    The amount of threads ive seen asking this question over the years! Even when people show lots of interest, they never seem to go through with it.
  8. Deej selling his car

    Yeah deejs car is now in perth. After the buyer flew down here and his car wouldnt start
  9. Post pics of your tatts

    You've pretty much said never take a design to a tattoo artist, let them come up with 1 IMO the best tattoo artists are the ones where no matter how much detail is in a picture you supply them, they can tattoo it SPOT ON. Ill get what i want drawn on my body, not what some artist wants to draw. I see what you mean to an extent, but like with my shoulder, i said to them "i want clouds, the sky, angel wings/halo etc, and to make it look like my sisters name is in heaven", then together we came up with some ideas and he just freehanded on my arm for the majority of it. Ill still tell them what i want, but they can use their skills and expeirence to manipulate it and look the best it can. On that note, i must head back there soon to get more done to that. Fun fun!
  10. Tattoo Discussion

    do you say that about people with R.I.P type tatts for family members who have passed away?
  11. Post pics of your tatts

    big JON and JINNS, thanks guys! kempo, 3 tattoo's on a arm doesnt make a sleeve! you got a long way to go before ur in dori_guru's e-pants
  12. Post pics of your tatts

    not as many tatt pics as i expected there to be in here!! this is my pet dragon these feathers are on same arm as the dragon and this tattoo has a bit more meaning my sister passed away last year, so this is a 'work in progress' i slowly get more and more added and have a few more little plans for it. - Jap style dark clouds around my shoulder - Rays of light shining from them - Laimas (sisters) name with date of birth/death - Angel wings and Halo as Laima is now a angel in the sky - The 3 ribbons represent Organ Donor, Sister, Brain Anurysm. the clouds and blue sky will end up going the whole way around my arm, but i cant do all the background work until ive done more foreground work first.
  13. Tattoo

    yeah i agree ive always wanted a Indian face tattoo, but a real angry warrior type indian. and jazzman a 4hr session isn't that bad when you know the guys that work there, we just had a laugh and talked crap for a few hours. prob head back in a few weeks to keep slowly getting more and more added. jimmo, i agree with robert, prob around 16hrs, 3 or 4 x 4hr sessions, or something similar to that. so much awesome shading, the feet look amazing
  14. Tattoo

    yeah i spent 4hrs in tattoo shop today, a good hour of that was touching a tattoo up i already have, adding better colour, stronger line work, and better shading, the other few hours were expanding it and adding more too it. longest i'd ever spent being tattoo'd in 1 session was 1.5hrs, after 4hrs today i was quite happy to be walking out of that door.