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  1. Lets count to 100,000!

    i vote no more comic book issues. too easy
  2. Aquarium Chat Thread

    More like actual breeding, we bought a whole bunch of brine shrimp eggs to grow to feed the Clowns and they have bred all by themselves!! To be honest we kind of forgot about them for a couple of weeks (they are hidden between one of our tanks and the window) and then realised they had been pairing up to breed and now we have a whole bunch of little ones too. Kind of feel ripped off paying all that money for so many eggs when they are so easy to breed. post up your steup. im running out of eggs. i think the big hassle is keeping them well fed enough to be nutritious to your fish.
  3. Aquarium Chat Thread

    i hatch brine shrimp for my babies, but you are talking actual breeding?