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  1. Weight loss help need advice

    Thanks midnight i do understand that i cant just ride i want to include a mix or exercises something that will help me build muscle as well i dont want to be huge but i want to be toned, i have been trying to do some push ups on our stairs and some sit ups but i would feel more confident with a routine last thing i want is a skin skirt
  2. So i am at the point in my life where i need to lose weight, my knees hurt i feel heavy all the time and i hate trying to find clothes that fit. In early December i decided i would get fit and so i bought a bike and started riding first few outings i felt like i was dying, but before Xmas i started riding 9- 10km 5 days a week and have been setting my self a side goal of reducing the time it took to do the 10km so from 40min it has gone down to 26min and i am feeling great i can feel my muscles under the fat but the weight and fat is not burning as expected. i am 24 125kg 170cm i have been measuring my self to look for improvement and their has been but not as hoped for typical daily meals are breakfast 2 eggs w/ bacon or tomatoes Lunch fruit, smoked salmon or tuna dinner meat and veg + pasta/ or rice (problem is the pasta i believe as we eat it every day and its one consistent item in our family that we eat and are all overweight) i have been cutting the pasta back from 200g per day to about 50 - 100g (dry) what i need is just a guideline of what to eat and a decent program or routine for the week some thing that will help me strip the fat away i have searched here and havent found what i am after please help
  3. she is a stage 5 clinger Yeah i am not going to sleep with her she is an all or nothing person i am either with her her or not meaning bang her and become a couple or nothing at all
  4. No She doesnt she is do-able i know you will we have all heard the story i wish it was but its a career job ummm what???? no her name is not jade
  5. So i have worked with this girl for a while now, i have always known she has liked me, i was always indifferent to her as time went on she would get drunk and text me, saying come out, i want you,and etc. i never go out with people from work, but one time i decided why not, we hooked up made out but didnt go any further then that. i stepped back and thought whoa what if something goes haywire and she starts shit, so i dropped it there and then. now its about to be her birthday and she booked a hotel room, and is going to get thrashed, she already has sent me a msg and has said she wants to sleep with me and i am currently in two minds about it i have no intention of persuing a relationship with her at all do i get with her for a one nighter and then act like nothing happened and watch the world crumble or do i tell her its only a one time thing or leave it and tell her not interested and do the nice guy thing i already know the right answer i want to know what others would do
  6. my new mazda rx7

    hey mate welcome yous should pop on to http://www.fdrx7.com/forum/index.php Nick NOVA
  7. New Rx7 2010

    i am 50/50 about this design
  8. New Rx7 2010

    i am 50/50 about this design
  9. RX7.8 --> You're opinion.

    the colour isnt too bad but it could be better, it still hot
  10. SERIES 8 HELP!

    mate signup to www.fdowners.com if you havent already they are a great bunch of guys with alot of knowledge
  11. Got 2 step?

    wheres the vid???
  12. Who says the rotor is unreliable?

    the rotary will never seize like a piston, and shitting it at redline for so long is just nuts
  13. RE Amemiya Rex's

    now thats a decent kit some of them just look like crap