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  1. Cant get another car to pull it 5meters ? im sure if u asked a neighbour they would help if you got no friends that can help ya.
  2. Hrrmm just seen theres a local one around me, might give them a try..
  3. MMA chat

    It says the fight is on a satday. So weigh ins are on friday morning ? Mate and i went 50/50 we got a fightclub membership so could buy presale tickets and we going up it looks thursday now lol.
  4. Front bar is awesome DONT go stock/aero like every other tom dick and harry.
  5. MMA chat

    Im going to the sydney ufc also with me best mate. Got platinum tickets who else is going. any body got info on when the weigh ins will be cants fukn wait!!!
  6. The Football Thread

    Man u and man city guna be an entertaining title battle. Hopefully we can overtake them on the ladder and put pressure on them. Liverpool you crock of shit team, Picked 5 correct winners and you guys fail to beat wigan F.U for stuffing my multi haha
  7. thats awesome want one for my office at work would be awesome lmfao
  8. The Football Thread

    hahaha Fergie will rip into him at training lmfao
  9. Pasini's Drift Toy

    Awesome transformationS lol love the new colour
  10. My 180sx Type X -Bayside Blue

    Option 1 wheels on. New intake pipe. Now just have my gktech front pipe, catco cat to go on and then off to dr drift for a retune.
  11. The Football Thread

    Signing up now hahah keen to get the bets on and HOPEFULLY win some lol
  12. The Football Thread

    Harris do you place bets online or at tab ? i wana get in on this shit and copy your bets lmfao
  13. z32 afm for s13

    You dont need a z32 for your application. Stock afm will be more the sufficient. /thread.