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  1. Old username: ALS13 Old Email: hunal001@students.unisa.edu.au New email: alistairhunter@adam.com.au left uni and old account was closed. Now password doesn't work. Any help would be excellent. Cheers
  2. S13 CA18DE, CA18DET and SR20DE brakes are all the same. Front brakes are bigger on SR20DET models(rear still the same). The CA - SR brake upgrade is definitely worthwhile! Made a big difference on my car. Was relatively cheap too. 250 - 280mm disc upgrade, with bigger calipers and pads. Mine cost me $200 for the calipers and freshly machined discs (off of here actually). Even got some used pads, but chucked em out and spent $150 on EBC greens (these are good, but go with whatever brand suits you - there's a sticky on this) If you're reasonable handy mechanically you could do it yourself, it's a relatively straighforward job.