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  1. party on the hill #2

    f'shiz my niz
  2. my type s 180

    looks clean, don't see these around too often are you the first owner? what was it worth at auction do you know? nearly bought one myself years ago before I bought my type-x, with the idea of building it up
  3. S13 - Fallen Angel

    why even bother repairing it? the chassis is surely bent and that rad supports toast, so is the beaver panel most likely and the floor pan in the boot.. ? would be better off picking up a $3k rolling shell and transplanting everything, pocket the rest of your insurance cash
  4. 2000 series 2 Stagea Nismo edition

    its an r33 steering wheel they also had them in type-x 180s nice stegs
  5. Silicon hoses

  6. GT3076R

    built motor? i run a 3076 .63 on my stock unopened motor and its making 230rwkw on 18psi~ didn't want to run any more boost on the stock headgasket motor has 170 psi across all 4 cylinders edit: so yeah its kinda pointless on a non built motor, you really do need to run 21+psi for this kinda turbo
  7. sorry but i had to bring this thread back to life, if your grandma came home on Sunday afternoon with her ears bleeding I am really really sorry lol I wasn't intentionally gating anyone for any reason, I was just giving it a bit of stick to maneuver through some traffic in the city and I accidently gated the shit out of this old woman who had her window down on my left hand side (ie, the worst side to be on) and she 100% pissed herself i looked in the rear view and immediately felt bad, give her a hug for me
  8. i use a gt3076 and i'd recommend it, alternatively gt3071 as already said
  9. 2871R twinscroll?

    real men measure at the rear wheels
  10. 2871R twinscroll?

    you dont be doing 400hp at the wheels with a gt28, twin scroll or not 300 yeah but 400 is 3076 territory
  11. Buying a 180SX Type X in QLD

    you can have mine for 16k as is :] edit: beaten ^ ta dave
  12. Stock 180 type x or S14

    I vote 180sx, but I'm biased
  13. Power Fc Question

    buy a chopped up loom from someone whos got an s13 front cut laying around