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  1. So I was inspired by a previous thread I was linked to on SAU from this thread Original SAU thread here -> http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Re...ure-t46581.html The general idea here is to find out common reasons why these motors die, be it a mild engine or a fully built weapon Try and be as descriptive as you can as this thread could prove to be a useful technical resource in the future if you know whats likely going to fail, you will know where to spend the money next Motor / Year: eg. sr20 1996 black top non-vct What failed: How it failed: Tune state: agressive/mild/street/stock etc Oil used/servicing internals: Treatment: do you thrash it while its cold or is your first born child suffering as a result of how much time you spend looking after it Comments:
  2. party on the hill #2

    f'shiz my niz
  3. my type s 180

    looks clean, don't see these around too often are you the first owner? what was it worth at auction do you know? nearly bought one myself years ago before I bought my type-x, with the idea of building it up
  4. S13 - Fallen Angel

    why even bother repairing it? the chassis is surely bent and that rad supports toast, so is the beaver panel most likely and the floor pan in the boot.. ? would be better off picking up a $3k rolling shell and transplanting everything, pocket the rest of your insurance cash
  5. 2000 series 2 Stagea Nismo edition

    its an r33 steering wheel they also had them in type-x 180s nice stegs
  6. Silicon hoses

  7. GT3076R

    built motor? i run a 3076 .63 on my stock unopened motor and its making 230rwkw on 18psi~ didn't want to run any more boost on the stock headgasket motor has 170 psi across all 4 cylinders edit: so yeah its kinda pointless on a non built motor, you really do need to run 21+psi for this kinda turbo
  8. sorry but i had to bring this thread back to life, if your grandma came home on Sunday afternoon with her ears bleeding I am really really sorry lol I wasn't intentionally gating anyone for any reason, I was just giving it a bit of stick to maneuver through some traffic in the city and I accidently gated the shit out of this old woman who had her window down on my left hand side (ie, the worst side to be on) and she 100% pissed herself i looked in the rear view and immediately felt bad, give her a hug for me
  9. i use a gt3076 and i'd recommend it, alternatively gt3071 as already said
  10. 2871R twinscroll?

    real men measure at the rear wheels
  11. 2871R twinscroll?

    you dont be doing 400hp at the wheels with a gt28, twin scroll or not 300 yeah but 400 is 3076 territory
  12. Buying a 180SX Type X in QLD

    you can have mine for 16k as is :] edit: beaten ^ ta dave
  13. Stock 180 type x or S14

    I vote 180sx, but I'm biased
  14. Power Fc Question

    buy a chopped up loom from someone whos got an s13 front cut laying around
  15. removing strut top nut

    pipe wrench also works well
  16. Battery Rlocation

    connect your + terminal straight to your alternator and just get two short lengths of black cable for some negative runs run one directly form the - terminal on your battery to the chassis and one from the motor directly to the chassis just for good measure i ran mine under the car along the sils, no firewall problems and it comes up straight at the alternator gromits are your friend when doing this
  17. Camber

    I run -3deg all day every day it really helps when you need to get around those roundabouts
  18. 2 questions

    I run a str8e180 manifold on my 180sx, shit hot. highly recommended I honestly believe it helps spool time too with such a large turbo on an sr20
  19. $5000.00 to spend

    +1 for street forced
  20. 6boost or str8e180 manifolds ftw scenario; you put your cheap stainless manifold on, run it around for 6-12 months, it breaks - you're out $250 (?) - dunno what they're worth so you buy another one and hope it doesnt happen again, you're up to $500 already for $950~ you can get yourself a mani with a lifetime warranty that just will not crack, ever. honestly, how sexy is this thing
  21. no, take them to a metal fab workshop or your local suspension joint - they might have one
  22. 180sx brake upgrade

    you need to run R32 rotors redrilled for 4 stud or put 5 stud hubs on (front) the rears wont work period without a skyline hub/drum handbrake setup
  23. is my power fc fried?

    if the pfc lights up theres a good chance its fine check all your fuses and shit under the bonnet, you will have fried one of them