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  1. Defi VSD-X

    Hey guys ive currently got a defi control unit II and gauges. Aswell as a vsd-x. Im looking at selling these gauges and running new advance gauges with the advance control unit. Will the VSD-X work with the new control unit?
  2. does anyone remember that company that did seat covers? you remove your factory material and the new ones slide straight over? they could be custom made with double-stitching, logos, colours, etc. i think they even had a listing on ebay aswell. any help, please!
  3. valve spring - what type are they

    thanks for the help guys
  4. ok, so many months ago i bought some valve springs, with little use prob 2000kms or less. was told they were Tomei Type B, but the box i got them in had the sticker ripped off - looks like when tape was removed. so, how do i tell if they're Tomei type a or b? they have green markings on all of them. i got the retainers and washers when i bought them aswell...
  5. is "hommerrules" legit?

    ive bought a lot of $$$ worth of stuff from homerrules. he's legit for sure!!! he keeps u up to date wit PM's and makes sure u get ur goods safe and sound. wen u buy from anyone on ns u usually pay before they send.... right? all 4 thuy!
  6. They stole wat?

    yeh, a mate had em on his falcon. somehow they managed to sheer the wheel studs off and took all four wheels!!!
  7. They stole wat?

    yeh, wel i park my car at the train station like everyday. sometimes its there til like 9pm at nite due to workin late. although, ive been parkin there for months on end! i had no idea it was soooo common blacky05.... was it u???? i got locks nuts on me rims... so hopefully i dun come bak to jus bricks
  8. They stole wat?

    decided to wash my ride today - its been a few weeks - get to my wheels and find.... 1 valve cap missin. im a lil bummed, cause they're geniune ENKEI ones. so i decide to check the others and to my disbelief..... some low life scum has stolen all 4 of my valve caps!!! WTF! SO PISSED OFF!!!! who the fark steals valve caps!?!?! so now im left... capless who else has had somethin like this, somethin u think no one would even steal... but they do! END FARKEN RANT!
  9. S14/S15 OEM Brake Upgrades

    http://www.dba.com.au its got the full online catalogue
  10. fitting recaros

    yeh, i looked at drillin out the mountin points on the seat - but i wanted 2 find out if they really were the wrong rails. i pretty much pulled the rails and mounts all off on the wend, tryin to determine y the fark it wasnt fittin properly! anyone else that has recaros can u get ur seat close to the s/wheel?
  11. fitting recaros

    tell me bout it, somethin aint rite. i bought them from a sponsor - but he assures me they're for silvia... i jus cant see that they r.
  12. fitting recaros

    the other problem is, even when the seat is 'temporarily' bolted in, the seat wont move any closer because the rails r at there full extent. i could slide right back into the boot if i wanted to, just not forward. (make sense ) im 6"1' and im stil like a foot away from the pedals.
  13. fitting recaros

    ive jus taken delivery of 2 recaro dc4's - to be fitted in my s15. the passenger has a silvia rail on it (cause i can see the label!) and the drivers is unknown as i cant see any visible part / model no's cause they're no where to be seen. ive been told its a s15 rail but when bolting in the drivers, the front 2 mounting holes line up, the trans tunnel one lines up but no way can u get a bolt in there, and the right rear kinda lines up but doesnt. ive fitted sr3's into my old silvia, but i need some tech advice from someone to let me know if the drivers side is wrong! u can see from this pics the recaro rail is right back as is the passenger recaro driver and standard s15 driver - with rails right back If need more pics - let me know i can post more Cheers
  14. gauges and about them

    its true wat LewyTheFlyS13 says. u pay less u get cheaper product, pay more get more accurate n reliable. defi racer gauges r round the $230+. got my boost gauge through Henry @ RMS - great guy to deal wit
  15. gauges and about them

    defi racer gauge dont need control unit