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  1. Microtech tuner in bris area

    justin at Competition Tuning & Performance Capalaba 38242655
  2. so the rb25 rail is top feed and not the stock side feed?
  3. Breakfast @ Lakeside

    im keen car gets tuned friday just dont know if ill b working but ill hit the boss up for that day off
  4. HUUUUUGGGEE Nissan Cruise.

    well i was there em lol 32 went pretty good untuned had major pinging by the endof the day... dan get them vids up lol
  5. HUUUUUGGGEE Nissan Cruise.

    ill b there as i said at the meet b good to fix this boost prob first

    well spoted 90WER on the way home after i came off the 77 exit n guess wat i couldnt here nothing for like 10mins after... play with some1 ur own size haha jks was awsome didnt think i was even moving after u toook off like nothing ive seen
  7. kris's A31 Cefiro

    i have some under the house not the coilcover but
  8. hks step 1 cams in both 264 or rb20 how much?
  9. Hardtuned.net Xmas Cruise

    well as of 2day im not goin to be there ran into some probs with the 32.. any1 wanna give me a lift lol
  10. i need a full price of a hiflow for a r33 turbo to brisbane 4127 is the oil line needed aswell i want it as stright bolt on when i get it back??
  11. Hardtuned.net Xmas Cruise

    like i said ill b there lol
  12. Official Brisbane Monthly Meets

    was good fun.. well found my leak fuel line clamp was loss so eatin the paint n turned red all fixed now need it faster n find another gtr haha
  13. Is there a Xmas cruise this year?

    either im still in is it xmas day?? ... im gettin a box by the end of the week ryan
  14. Is there a Xmas cruise this year?

    im in start planing