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  1. my mech said the same thing. Said to idle the car an hit the brakes a few times while checking the boost gauge for fluctuations but it was all good
  2. But I've never ran a bov an I've had my 200sx for 5 years. Car starts first go every time, but I'm getting new terminal connections this week as there cracked an loosely connected
  3. Sorry for lack of information. Car has the usual bolt ons, a stable 20 vacuum, front mount, gt28bb. No bov Slight 1mm crack at top of radiator (been there for two years I just top up once every 6 months) I haven't changed the fuel filter in the past 20-30k if that makes a difference (negligent on my behave I know)
  4. so about twice a week i have noticed that my car is stalling under certain circumstances, when i brake hard, usually after heavy acceleration the car occasionally stalls, with it clutch in or without the clutch in. Things I've done to try an fix Clean afm Replaced pod air filter And I'm changing the fuel filter tomorrow What else do you guys suggest. I'm running a walbro 255 an the cars a s14 The only thing that had been done coming up to it was change the thrust bearing two weeks prior
  5. Grey/white smoke idling

    Thanks for the help guys, phoned a few shops as well described symptoms an they thought oil seals as well.
  6. Grey/white smoke idling

    The smoke would minimise once its warm.
  7. Grey/white smoke idling

    But wouldn't u lose oil from the turbo seal?
  8. Hey guys I got heaps of smoke coming out... It randomly started coming out. I've serviced it with new oil/filter/copper plugs/rocker cover(had to be done) Still f**ked so Then I engined flushed/new filter/iridium plugs. Keep in mind this is happening when it's idling so no more maccas drive thrus for me Of a night time it was missing on boost... Heaps of flat spots if that makes sense All u can smell is oil, can anyone give me some pointers? Car is S14a
  9. Hey guys Basically noticed my abs buzzing when my car is off.. Would buzz for 20 seconds then stop for a minute n start again. It did it for a few hours Then a few days later I noticed it buzzing/humming while I was driving. Do I need to replace my abs? Brakes are working fine, light isn't coming on. S14a
  10. Hey guys, my 200 is in the shop so I can't measure but do ya's think a s14 Fibreglass bonnet would fit in the back of a VT wagon? I gotta travel a few hours south to get it so I don't wanna get there an the bonnet is to wide
  11. S15 AFM, S15 SR20DET Stock Cams

    Where abouts u located
  12. Okay yeah it does sound like more of a boost leak.. Ill look into that first Thanks
  13. Hey guys just wondering if you think I've blown a turbo gasket in my s14 Basically happened today... I'm running 14 psi an once I get up to 5-7psi it doesn't pull an stays at 5-7psi... But you can hear the turbo spooling up but It ain't pulling just making a lot of spooling noise Vacuum is normal. What do yas think? I got the turbo gaskets changed about 1-2 years ago
  14. Hey guys basically drove to my mates place, as I started it to leave my pedal went flat to the floor with no resistence an wouldn't come back up There was oil come out of the slave cylinder So I replaced the SLAVE cylinder (master was changed a month ago) Now were having trouble bleeding it... My mate has bleed it plenty of times for me before an did it fine when he changed the master for me but this time were having issues We get it to the point were its good thinking no more air in the system So he gets out from under the car and I pump it a few times an it's back on the floor an it's like we have to start again Are we doing something wrong or is there something else I may have broken at the same time as the slave?