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  1. I have a fujitsubo "power getter" catback on my 180sx - 3" pipe then after the resonator the pipes are 3.5" to the tip. when I had JUST the catback installed, seemed to be pretty reasonable on idle, once you open it up you'll definately hit 104db as per shift performance. but on idle it wasn't as loud as I thought it'll be. and I currently have a full turboback exhaust with a fujitsubo catback and to be honest its pretty loud at full throttle and just a deep note on idle, but you'd expect that with any quality free flowing exhaust system. Dont know my exact db output at the moment, i've got the Fujitsubo booklet at home i'll post up any relevant info for you. but from shiftperformance, they said that just a catback alone it'll be at 104db at the highest db output. but then again you need to take into account the different models of each exhaust. i.e Fujitsubo legalis R, power getter etc etc.
  2. hey, I had the exact same problem as you .. but on my 180sx I had a look and I placed like a rubber piece (cut a small piece from left over rubber from intake hose i had lying around) and jammed it between my exhaust tip and rear left tow hook (didnt grind it off yet) and that sorta stopped the "croaking" noise, coz everytime the car shifted weight it would rub the exuahst against the tow hook and probably some other part. Just have a look under your car to see if you exhaust is scrubbing against any panels, suspension parts, or tow hook or whatever.
  3. Hi TAARK, mate just wondering whether you can source the following for me: Genuine nissan parts please. - rocker cover gasket and/or seal - Front timing case gasket and/or seal - Front main seal - rear main seal $32 got some oils leaks I want to fix up. Cheers, Paulo
  4. any aftermarket Jap Dump pipe for SR20DET?
  5. ISC S13 being stripped!

    I got dibs on Nismo Front strut brace!! will this suit 180sx SR20det? any pics please as im super keen! cheers, Paulo!
  6. bring it too me and ill rebuild it , i have a new diaphram and seal here Really? awesome mate! thanks!
  7. how were u able to fix this problem? and/or where did u get a replacement seal..?
  8. Gate trap? is there a procedure in which you could show me how to open the BOV to access that point? disconnect the vacuum hose from the bov and block it... If it still makes that sound, the gate most probably be stuck open Ok il give that one a go! should be fine to block off with a screw? Well the previous owner did mention that it was laying around for quite awhile .. might be clogged with dirt ... can i just spray the inside with WD40?
  9. Gate trap? is there a procedure in which you could show me how to open the BOV to access that point?
  10. dude........ sure its not ur pod? or do u have a metal pipe intake? secure propa between bov n adaptor.....i repeat secure propa between bov n adaptor but its still boosting fine correct? im 110% sure its not my pod mate... if only any of u guys were local i'd seriously take u for a spin to hear it.. I got a new "shoe horse" and rubber seal to lock the BOV in the adapter as the one you provided me was completely bent and unusable.. I noticed the welding around the adapter and seems to be a ruff job... Do you know whether your mate who used to own this have any probelms with it? well im really not sure whether its boosting correctly or not .. as the moment i try to boost... the BOV starts spooling... and i seriously mean the noise is literally coming from the BOV as if there is air rushing through it and being let out at the same time.... and it doesn't feel like it boosts as good as it used to... sorta feels like ive lost power... don't really know how to explain this any simpler... if i can get an audio recording of this i'll try and post it up for all to hear!
  11. yeh im pretty sure man ... because as soon as I start to spool.. first i here my airfiler sucking in .. then the BOV starts to make an intake noise too !! asif the bov was taking in air and just constantly blowing!! I tightened the bolt as you guys suggested... but its still the same =(
  12. Hi all, well i bought a HKS SSQV from link180 anyway i installed the bov and problem is: When im spooling hard enough .. the bov starts to whistle asif im taking IN air in the bov asif my BOV was an airfilter! pretty much sounds like asif the bov is either blowing air constantly while im boosting! on lowish rpm .. it works fine and wen i release the gas it makes the "ttcchkkkssshhh".... but when i slam the gas it makes the scchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh noise all the way through until i let go of the accelerator! Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!
  13. Hi All, Im planning on buying the complete brake setup off a wrecked r33 ... what else would I need to fit into a 180sx? Im taking the entire hub/brakes/discs. Would I need control arms etc to fit into a 180sx? thanks in advance! typextc
  14. TRUST- GReddy - GREX Parts

    Where abouts are u located? what is the total delivered price for the MX front pipe for RPS13 to sydney 2763?