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  1. screen resolution issues

    no body at all?
  2. screen resolution issues

    Hi guys, its me again. I am usually ok at computers. If i ahve an issue, trial and error usually works for me, but not this time. I recently installed windows 7. Previously used win XP, with dual screen, all the windows and folders maximised fit perfectly fine, aligned to the edge of the screen, not any more Now this occurs (see below) also when i try to make it one screen only, the left hand size goes missing it goes into an imaginary section that does not exist. Any one know how i can fix this. thank you very much Richard
  3. unable to boot from cd

    I just wanted to let you guys know my computer has been reformatted, and that i would like to thank every one for helping particularly Oggie, it was the wireless. RIchard
  4. unable to boot from cd

    o yes!... i do have wireless, but it worked before, and when i tried it on another computer the keyboard works fine. any particular reason why its not working this time? but thank you very much for the help, ill try it this weekend.
  5. unable to boot from cd

    lol, i know i said i wasnt computer savy, but come on disenter. Im not one of those dell customers that forgot to plug in his computer to the power socket. I have restarted a few times, pressed it as soon as it showed a few times, still nothing, it goes straight into loading the windows.
  6. unable to boot from cd

    hey guys, Im trying to reformat my computer but cant. I have change boot priority to boot from cd, but when im at the "press any key to boot from cd/dvd" I do exactly that, but it continues to load windows. I have tried the cd on another computer, and its fine. thanks alot Richard. Ps: im not that computer savy, so simple solutions would be much appreciated.
  7. IED's... I love this term... Improvised Explosive Device. Improvise - To make something up or invent it as one goes on; to proceed by guess rather than by a careful plan. To invent or create something quickly or without a plan; to wing it So what exactly is an IED? Anything that America didn't create? I dont know what you are trying to say... i dont really care who created it, im simply playing with the senario Bouy is creating... All im saying is, with these IEDs (BOMBS, whatever you wanna use instead) being created in the middle of a desert where parts are hard to obtain, it would be interesting provided in Buoys senario, what some of the kids could come up with.
  8. are we talking about jsut a war, and once a victor has been decided thats it? or a war and invasion of America? Because you guys are forgetting that the US still has the strongest navy in the world and one of the most powerful air force, F22 baby!! now lets say with all its ally, you wipe out the US navy... hypotherical: Allies wanna invade the US... China, although has a big army, doesnt have the neccessary assets to transport troops over. SO they are stuck. You are also forgetting that the US is the most armed country in the world ( 2nd amendment ) so you are essentially fighting with 300 million armed red necks. The US and allies have been fighting a losing war in Iraq and Pakistant/Afghanistan, versing bearded men reading a paper back book with DIY manual on IEDs and winning against advanced technology what do you think will happen when the MIT students and other top notch universities students start using there minds to create their own IEDs?
  9. EXCEL

    O... hehe... thanks alot... i shouldve done a better job print screening so ppl can see the numbers better.
  10. EXCEL

    hey guys... trying to do this stupid HW question, cant seem to figure it out... would love some help Enter formulae to calculate the expiry date of the asset based on life, no. of days in FY and DatePurchased.
  11. I'm doing accounting atm as a career... but a spent a few weeks doing renovation, construction and landscaping just for money. Food for thought. Just like weight lifting you can train an office worker to get stronger and slowly lift heavier objects, learn to fix things. I mean, sure my first 2-3 weeks was intense I had problems lifting bags of cement, pipes, barrels back and forth, but slowly my body adjusted. How many of these tradies do you think can adjust in the same short amount of time these office workers can. I doubt any trady can adjust to work in an office, and id even give them 1 yr to do it in. the price is what they are simply because no one wants to do the work tradies do.
  12. i also think they should re-define refugee and asylum seekers, or at least put criteria's on it. Where by if an individual hits a certain criteria they change from refugee to "economic migrant" and in which case they are refused entry and must get in line like most ppl. If a boat by-passes multiple safe countries just to get to Australia, then they are an "economic migrant" and no longer fit the criteria for refugee.
  13. Prince of Persia

    damn really?... i held out from watching this, thought it was gonna be another cheesy game to movie POS. how much credibility do you guys have i wonder.
  14. Recent Accident in the City?

    if he did indeed steal the car, hope he gets brain damage, or ends up a quadraplegic. Death would be too good for him.
  15. Instant Coffee

    A guy I know did this in highschool for HSC. When in need of a quick fix. steps: 1. 1 table spoon of coffee 2. boil water 3. eat said table spoon 4. leave boiling water there for someone else.