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    500hp s13 silvia
  1. BMW forum..

    sory to take away from the bmw forum but what about mercedes fourm???
  2. For sale: Other Items

    i would use this feature
  3. Boys and girls...

    thats nasty
  4. Most Responsive turbo?

    i use a t67 and it kicks arse it never drops off when im drifting do have to clutch kick it every now and again. i found when i drag people i lags a small bit at the start but once your on boost you leave them 4 dead!
  5. $800 for second hand s13 gear box?

    ive only once payed 750 for a box coz i was desperate but i normaly pay around 400-600 for them but i got one for 150 once and it lasted a good 3months so i was happy with that (puting 300kw thru it tho haha)
  6. wanted section

    i forgot about but i should use it ive got heaps of s13 gear 2 off load
  7. i wouldnt pay that much
  8. OLD SKOOL Zeds

    are the bolt on gaurds factory?
  9. sr20 or rb25

    go the sr i love srs they are just so much fun. and 2 other thing the rb weighs more and you need to get it enginered
  10. What car should i look for?

    i didnt think they let blind people drive??? maybe thats why he cant see what he is looking for haha i do think you should look else where maybe a ute or a wagon or a lil jap van hehe jap cars are small im a dj and in my silvias i just fit my 2 turntables and a mixer and my records but in my merc i can fit that and 4 of my mates
  11. Just got some VS-KFs for my cars :P

    i love those wheel well done
  12. My 180SX vs VTEC Accord

    best coment haha
  13. What is your dream car?

    the db9 is awesome but y the 1006 GT40 i would much rather the original 1960s ^^^^^^^^^^sory 2006 gt40 not 1006 gt40^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. Speeding Fine

    i think he was just leting you know to slow down
  15. s14 front or s15?

    i do like the s15 front but i think the s14 seriesII front looks jap spec all the way so i would got the 14 front mate