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  1. Bump for updated price and details. $12,000 with rego until May 2016 and RWC (note stock intercooler and plumbing will be fitted, Blitz FMIC and plumbing provided with car) or $11,000 unregistered - both negotiable.
  2. Sons of Anarchy

    Gotta agree with this... its been beyond ridiculous the last 2-3 seasons, but i'm still gonna watch it to get some closure and see Jax hopefully go nuts!!
  3. New Iphone 4

    yeah i'm gonna be jumpin on the iphone band wagon with this release too. other phones may have much better specs, but at the end of the day the iphone is so much more user friendly, it doesn't really matter. as someone already mentioned, most webpages + apps are tailored for the iphone and just work better on it. if u can't beat em, join em!
  4. Which Turbo to get

    This is slightly off topic, but how much of a difference in response is there between the .86 & .64 disco spud?
  5. Call of duty's

    still a big cod fan... i think MW2 retains is value cos of the multi player action, not just online, but the split screen play as well. nuthin beats owning ur mates over a few beers!
  6. Just bought a PS3

    had mine fat one for the best part of 3 yrs too, no issues what so ever except for some time management problems.... have fun!
  7. 2 years to go till the world blows up..... make the most of it I say!
  8. 2Pac Vs. Biggie

    Daym... thats a tough one! Gotta say that i luv both... biggie for his sick flow and wordplay, pac for his ability to keep it real and still relate. Biggie: Juicy Big Poppa Going Back to Cali Pac: Picture me Rollin' Unconditional Love Life Goes On
  9. Snatch

    Lock Stock, Snatch and Layer Cake are all awesome movies...... Very similar in style and so damn funny! Snatch is prob. my fav and up there in my top 10 all time too
  10. Tell you wut.......its very tight at the top of that table.....
  11. What are you listening to right now?

    Young Jeezy and Kanye - Put On Sick track.... also, UGK - F**K My Car CLASSIC.......
  12. Exhaust Shop Ferndale Exhausts & Automotive Centre Factory 2/ 1 Rushdale St, Scoresby, VIC 3179 (across the road from Tropic Motors) p: (03) 9764 8490
  13. Calm down soldier its only the 2nd week naa good on ya mate! 3rd week actually...... Thanks man, made a cpl of good picks to start with, hopefully i can keep it up through the season cos theres a long way to go
  14. Ohhh yeah...in 2nd place!!! Shudn't i be tied for first though???