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  1. Model kits

    i have 2 s12 rs-x silvia's a 180sx and a 3rd gen celica supra plus a whole heap of wheels and bozo parts etc i bought them all in japan and plan to start them as soon as i find the time haha
  2. Best Beginner’s Tool Set

    take a look at teng tools. about 80% of my tools are teng and i cannot praise them enough. sold through auto 1 in australia and a few other places and can be bought pretty cheap on ebay UK, they also make a heap of speciality tools and carry a lifetime no questions asked within australia warranty a set like this will set you back about the $370 mark an will do most jobs
  3. Price : $50 Condition : Used just got some tyres lying around that i'd like to get rid of if there's anything u like just hit us up. 1 x Dunlop SP Sport 2050m 205/55/r16 91v 6.08mm till indicators $50 2 x Kuhmo Ecsta KU36 215/45/r17 87w 1.97mm till indicators + bad camber wear $50 pair 1 x Federal 595 235/45/r17 93v 2.48mm till indicators + 1 repair $30 1 x Yokohama A539 225/50z/r16 92w 4.59mm till indicators $50 all in as described condition if you need pic's of wear etc. just contact me with your email and i'll send them off to you. all tyres located in avondale heights, 3034 VIC 0 4 2 3 6 7 9 8 5 4 s 1 2 _ s i l v i a @ o p t u s n e t . c o m . a u
  4. what type of bearing does the oil pump have in an sr?
  5. Epic car fail thread

    how on earth was he able to afford a V8 supercar?!?!?!
  6. STOLEN - Red 180SX - $2000 REWARD

    i love the idea of a bait car + camera's installed inside + gps tracking
  7. lagging

    check your waste gate actuator
  8. i find clarion units to be quite subtle, i had one in my 180sx and it looked almost factory
  9. 7 series beamer wheels ^^ NICE! my daily
  10. sil80 conversion legalities?

    yes legal provided u do it correctly and all lights and safety features are intact
  11. Epic car fail thread

    yes that is fake silver carbon vinyl and the infamous transformers badge. and it wasn't even laid well merc vito with a dirty big cooler hacked into the front if u look closely at what this goose has done, he has scribbled 'victoria' in red texta to make the novelty plate look legal hahaha this silvia i spotted a few years back. old bloke driving, limo tv antenna on the boot, 10inch standard tube tv screwed to the brown dashboard. and i think it came like that from JP
  12. original ninja turtles toys he man and everyone had to have had an atari! i was the coolest *milkshake* around lol