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  1. Well I am back sorta, what a difference like 8 years makes since logging into this website makes... More wiser, more in tune and more driven..... So I was just curious if anyone can direct me in how to make my previous posts when I was young dumb and full of Cu* dissapear or at least hide my Email address showing up on google linked to my past f**kery? Cheers guys hope all the old folks I used to chat to are doing well. xoxo... Specially you Spazo
  2. Holy shit I was such a dumb cu*t then LOL! Ohhh The Humanity!
  3. wrx parcel shelf

    Though Tomk is A ok
  4. hmm if its random look out.... peoples around that area... lock yo windows lock ya dooors!
  5. Anyone know "Whiteknight" ?

    Haha what a *milkshake*, smack him in his jaw
  6. wrx parcel shelf

    lol r yu bein dumb bro ??? or srs lolz lol r yu bein dumb bro ??? or srs lolz i can do it at work but the metal framing under the wood bit is cut all of it Shu, i was kidding shit.
  7. wrx parcel shelf

    Oh ma gawd bro..............Do it!
  8. preety f**king savage I reckon. These boys obviously dont f**k around in business.... Sad that they have to murder someone let alone a whole f**king family.
  9. http://www.smh.com.au/national/family-of-f...90718-dow6.html Be preety harsh of the robbers if it were related.
  10. Got a few different makes of tyres that i need as new specs on depth for and possible pricing. Cheers Tom
  11. made me think of this pic when you suggested: 'Porn'
  12. I gave my mates friend a half eaten packet of chewy I was pissed but and we all know how the mind works on the piss
  13. true love= no real need for presents of admiration or affection, just spending time together should be enough.