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  1. Well I am back sorta, what a difference like 8 years makes since logging into this website makes... More wiser, more in tune and more driven..... So I was just curious if anyone can direct me in how to make my previous posts when I was young dumb and full of Cu* dissapear or at least hide my Email address showing up on google linked to my past f**kery? Cheers guys hope all the old folks I used to chat to are doing well. xoxo... Specially you Spazo
  2. okay so here goes: last friday out mingn, at chinese laundry the drum n bass room was going off had a chat with a few randoms few crazy arm twitch grabs and crazy eye contact the usual , so anyways after it finished i went back to chicks unit and she was a great person she was soooo friendly and down to earth!, so was her flatmate and my mate ben, and there was another guy to but he crashed out, so anyways, its 5am we are at there unit, we walk in to see these madddd settup gadgets, a projector aimed at the wall, and dear god no wha, wha really? are they! Pioneer cd decks? YES! so anyways we toked had a few chill out tracks some drum n bass break beats trance all that, and we all had a go at mixing, now i came up and sucked simply because it was my first go but was getting used to it faster than i anticipated, and i loved it! it was a feeling of learning something new that i hadn't felt for so long (simply because my job has so much repetition in it! So i sat back peaking and we ended up forming a 3 guys 1 girl human jigsaw puzzle lying over each others bodies and making contact and listening to the music and speaking some deep shit once in a while about lost friendships etc etc it was so great, and then the first step I took up to the decks was pure bliss, it felt insane just having the power to shift and change and make the tracks your own in a sense. It was such an amazing feeling! im a big music fiend and since that night mixing on pioneer 1000's DJM 800 mixer in a coffin case with good monitor speakers, I just had to have some! So im putting a order in for around 6 grand settup if no high 5gs. 2X pioneer 1000s 1X DJM 800 mixer 1X monitor speakers anything with a 1-1.25 inch tweet and 8.25 woofer or there abouts that hopefully is kevlar coated 1X pioneer Dj head phones enclosed of course. I cannot wait, infact as I am writing this im listening to one of the most gorgeous trance tracks ever created! ARMIN VAN BUUREN- Burned With Desire Feat. J suissa Cant wait to start guys Any feed back? or anyone else on this site dj id love to add you or add me (tomk_03@hotmail.com) to msn as im becoming a big audiophile head hahaha cant blame me!? dads a sound techo/recordist his cousin produces krix speakers which are high quality for hoyts cinema apps and now home use as well. so maybee its a direction I could face even as a serious hobby of mine? I know it sounds queer or what ever but When i stood up at those decks just this insane feeling of power came to me, not one of Greed or attention whoring, but just such power at my disposal to change and manipulate songs into awesome mixes and create something new thanks guys! Wuv you all long tyme. Tom k
  3. Holy shit I was such a dumb cu*t then LOL! Ohhh The Humanity!
  4. WEll here goes! I have many so I will just tell yous one: OFFICE SPACE! "PC LOAD LETTER!!!!!! WHAT THE f**k DOES THAT MEAN?!?!?!?!"
  5. Google Latitude.

    well f**k me sideways! Read this boys and girls! http://www.google.com/latitude/intro.html#1
  6. Well I own a 93 180-sx and I do love the thing to a degree, though i want something new after fixing up the few minor issues with this car and selling it. I was thinking something along the lines of: 03-04 rexy- I am tempted to buy, though the sad thing is there are many of these on the roads and its just another rexy with a turbo back exhaust system n bov n rim package cruizin by. s14- Better gearbox on these So I herd, it was revised and had upgraded galleries for oil in em. s15- Now I am not sure about an s15, correct me if im wrong though I have herd that the gear boxs are shit in these compared to the 5 spd boxs found in s13 and 14's... and also herd from a few people the red tops are easier to gain more power out of....... hmmm? Any suggestions peoples? I was thinking of going something with good grip, and actually pondered buying a clubman kit car second hand when one pops up. So many choices peeps! f**k! sincerely Tom
  7. wrx parcel shelf

    Though Tomk is A ok
  8. http://www.smh.com.au/national/family-of-f...90718-dow6.html Be preety harsh of the robbers if it were related.
  9. hmm if its random look out.... peoples around that area... lock yo windows lock ya dooors!
  10. Anyone know "Whiteknight" ?

    Haha what a *milkshake*, smack him in his jaw
  11. wrx parcel shelf

    lol r yu bein dumb bro ??? or srs lolz lol r yu bein dumb bro ??? or srs lolz i can do it at work but the metal framing under the wood bit is cut all of it Shu, i was kidding shit.
  12. wrx parcel shelf

    Oh ma gawd bro..............Do it!
  13. preety f**king savage I reckon. These boys obviously dont f**k around in business.... Sad that they have to murder someone let alone a whole f**king family.
  14. Got a few different makes of tyres that i need as new specs on depth for and possible pricing. Cheers Tom
  15. Well........ Wow.... gore factor on this movie is preety extreme. I posed the question how true is this movie to its word. I did a search and was astounded to find out that there was a base character they modeled the movie around, and his name is Ed Gein. Birth name: Edward Theodore Gein Born: August 27, 1906(1906-08-27) Vernon County, Wisconsin Died: July 26, 1984 (aged 77) Cause of death: Respiratory and heart failure Penalty: Guilty but insane; spent the rest of his life in a psychiatric hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. Eddie Gein was the son of Augusta and George Gein. Augusta was a deeply religious woman, who preached the Bible to Eddie and his brother Henry on a daily basis. She warned them about the dangers of loose women, in an effort to keep them from being cast down to hell. She was a strict, hard woman, who never wavered from her own beliefs, which she ingrained into the family. Eddie's father, George, was an alcoholic, and Augusta viewed him as being worthless. She began a grocery business in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and when she had saved enough money she moved the family away from the sin of the city to a farm in Plainfield, Wisconsin. Eddie grew up shy and was ignored by the other kids at school, who saw him as quiet and feminine. If he did try to make friends, his mother scolded him. As a result Eddie turned inward and began to reside in the dark corners of his mind. He worshipped his mother, and grew upset when his brother Henry criticized her. On May 16, 1944, while fighting a brush fire near the farm, Eddie and Henry split up and went in different directions. After the fire had been extinguished, Eddie grew concerned because his brother had not returned. When police arrived Eddie lead them directly to his "missing" brother Henry, who was lying dead in an area untouched by the fire with bruises on his head. The shy and seemingly harmless Eddie was quickly dismissed as a suspect, and the coroner listed asphyxiation as the cause of death. Now when Authorities began to suspect something was up and decided to take a looksie over the property, they were shocked to find what the found. Searching the house, authorities found: * Human skulls mounted upon the corner posts of his bed * Human skullcaps used as soup bowls * An array of shrivelled heads * Skin fashioned into a lampshade and used to upholster chair seats * Skin from the face of Mary Hogan, a local tavern owner, found in a paper bag * Socks made from human flesh * A sheath made from human skin * A human heart (it is disputed where the heart was found; deputy reports claimed that the heart was in a saucepan on the stove, while crime scene photographers claimed it was in a paper bag on the floor in front of the stove) * At least four noses * A box containing nine vulvae, some of which were salted and one of which was tied with a ribbon What is interesting is that this Insane Serial killers name has probably never been herd yet he has been used as a base model for many Famouse horror movies, both Norman Bates from Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho (1960) and Buffalo Bill from The Silence of the Lambs (1991) were also loosely based on Ed Gein. Its really quite disturbing the potential every single one of our minds has to do absolute evil or absolute good.
  16. made me think of this pic when you suggested: 'Porn'
  17. I gave my mates friend a half eaten packet of chewy I was pissed but and we all know how the mind works on the piss
  18. true love= no real need for presents of admiration or affection, just spending time together should be enough.
  19. Clutch Question

    Id go for a heavy duty clutch if your doing everyday driving and stop starting puk clutches are made to provide you with great dumping opportunities
  20. engineering certs are never cheap
  21. UPLATE - The New edition

    why yous all online friday night HUH HUH I luiv yas you mad jdm freaks.
  22. Dildo?

    It's Tomk, dont even bother trying to comprehend especially when tomks drunk on coopers pale ales n sitting nekked fappn to s15 pictures.
  23. Dildo?

    another drunk nerd.... I love it.