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  1. do gt3076 housings fit gt3071

    Are you talking the turbine exhaust housing swap or whole front and back housings and reuse your core? As far as I'm aware the turbine housings swap between all 30 sized turbo's but I'm not sure at all about compressor housings. I'd recommend contacting someone like Tao at Hypergear Turbochargers and discuss your possible options. https://www.facebook.com/hypergearturbochargers/
  2. What is this part?

    Yeah my bad, was mislead by the ebay listings calling it a exhaust hanger once i'd done a image search using the original posters photo. Nice one google nerds.
  3. What is this part?

    Exhaust hanger from just near where the handbrake cable passes through the floor of the car. It's oem and not usually used for any aftermarket exhaust. http://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/j-AAAOSwEHpZNLCF/s-l1600.jpg
  4. Ok I sent you an email from my yahoo account with a new passord for your account. Check your hotmail spam filter if you haven't received it, as my kickaround email address can be caught that way lol. I figured a regular email was more likely to work. If that still fails I guess I can send you an sms, since your mobile is listed in your profile. BTW I have Admin access, so if there's an account issue you can hit me up. Thanks so much PMOD, you appear to have fixed the issue. I've also discovered I can no longer browse NS.com using the latest firefox browser as it doesn't support java and none of the drop down menus at the top of this website drop down anymore...... so bye bye firefox you dumb arses. Thanks again PMOD.
  5. I've posted as a guest through my pc using the same home internet service but there's no admin working on this website anymore to approve the post. I cannot get my pc to login using the facebook feature or to send me a password reset via email. Nissan Silvia used to be my home page so it's kinda a pain In the ass until this is sorted.... any ideas how to restore my home pc to Nissan Silvia.com.au logged in status?
  6. Nah but you can now buy shitty chinese wanna be chuck tayor shoes that don't follow the standard sizing so when you order your size the don't fucking fit.... and the print rubs off while in the box to you from china too. You should see how crap this site looks on my galaxy 7 edge phone's browser, unbearable, but yeah facebook is the problem hey?
  7. Shed Clean Out - R34/S-Chassis

    Could you tell me the offsets and a price on one set without tires please? Assuming 5x114.3 is one of the stud patterns........
  8. Frankly as far as bang for buck goes you can't beat nistune at the moment. Talk to the guys at PLMS to find your nearest installer/tuner and buy from them, have your car tuned and likely still get spare change compared to the price of a Haltech or other ECU. http://www.nistune.com/index.php/nistune-shop/flexfuel
  9. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Gifting one tomorrow and deliberately not working on cars this holidays until after xmas 😊
  10. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Well and good Wizard but aluminum work hardens and will crack in half like a couple of that companies' customers have already had happen, and also remember they're $26.50 US dollars + shipping..... My money has gone to an Aussie.
  11. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Well I'm buying two at this stage and am asking friends and family to get an order together so..... I guess I'm happy with the price :-)
  12. Trolley Jack Lift Pad

    Nice to see you follow through. I like the product but you need to correct the webpage item description..... i don't know too many Jack's with a 80cm dished contact pad, 80mm perhaps? 😃
  13. Because this site is like a retard licking a window it won't let me edit........... Search on google and copy past this S14+F4+plug+pinout and click image search. that'll help find the s14 plug. same for the 180 plug if you replace S14 with 180sx+ also try swapping plug with harness. It could change between ecu numbers also so tread lightly it's a mine field.
  14. I'll try help but..........Which 180sx and Which s14 is it from? ADM series / 1 JDM series 1 etc, which interior plug is it? ecu, dash, body loom? Give us some info and we might be able to help. If all you know is it's s14 and interior, you're relying on someone being able to tell exactly what it is only from looking at it?
  15. good tuners Melbourne 180sx

    Have a chat with Trent by phoning the number at the end of this link and Know that you're in the best hands in the country for Sr20 tuning. http://www.chequeredtuning.com/new/'>http://www.chequeredtuning.com/new/ Have a chat with Trent by phoning the number at the end of this link and Know that you're in the best hands in the country for Sr20 tuning. http://www.chequeredtuning.com/new/
  16. Nek minut Kemp is asian prince! http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j121/nisskid/Misc/kemp2.jpg Nek minut Kemp is asian prince! http://i79.photobucket.com/albums/j121/nisskid/Misc/kemp2.jpg Nek minut Kemp is asian prince!
  17. Does any cunt give a fuck about spam cunt cunt cunt

    Here's an Idea...... as it seems there's so little amount of actual human traffic of people joining how about a personal account approval by admin to be able to post or comment on ANY threads? Active topics used to be my home page, needless to say it's not anymore as the word active is a lie and topics is a bit of a joke unless i'd like to buy prescription drugs or penis pills or what ever 80% of the "active posts" are every week when I check in to visit the ghosts of the Nisan silvia website that once was.
  18. Can you find rear shock absorbers to suit a 4WD nissan P11 primera? Fairly obscure I'm aware but it's a bit risky buying from overseas with no part numbers and I don't own a copy of nissan FAST.
  19. S chassis engine loom tuck

    I'm suspicious of the timing of chase bays kits as they seem to be released at the same time and development path as wiring specialties. I could be completly wrong or they might be different parts of one company but that's what I've seen over the years. From personal experience I'd be buying from wiring specialties as they have more options and abilities to customise to suit your needs.
  20. http://i1247.photobucket.com/albums/gg638/bluerage12/null_zpsebe685aa.jpg
  21. You could replace the whole tensioner completly by doing the same thing as the nissan quest alternator upgrade install kit?
  22. Well I stand corrected, I thought it was the other way around. Either way converting the diff to match the gearbox will highly likely fix the speedo problem.
  23. Most Nissan's have a different diff ratio for auto and manual. You might find you get better acceleration and a correct speedo reading by swapping a manual cars diff into your car.
  24. Server Upgrade

    I think Loz was 18 days late for April fools day.
  25. Server Upgrade

    Did this happen yet?