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  1. Gday Guys, Will be gettin a Power Fc in next month or so and just looking to what are the best tuners in the Newcastle area who u would recommend and who u would suggest not to go near .... May consider going to sydney i have a mate who recommends SAS ... Cheers Brock
  2. Tuners in Brissy

    Gday Guys, Will be gettin a Power Fc in next month or so and just looking to what are the best tuners in the brissy area who u would recommend and who u would suggest not to go near Cheers Brock
  3. S13 Windscreen

    Northern nsw place called Narrabri
  4. S13 Windscreen

    Hey guys need new windscreen for my s13 silvia, now i am out in the bush so not common request at the local place that does windscreens .... From memory is it the S14 windows that fit ??? Cheers Brock
  5. The ultimate Silvia

    For me i can't go past the prime garage sil80 always loved it and mobnes ca22 i think it is now is also awesome
  6. Will these rims fit my S13

    great tool they would almost fill the guards no only if i knew if they will clear my brakes thanx for that tool mate
  7. Will these rims fit my S13

    how much lower offset and would they be likely to clear my brake calipers like atm i have 17x7 rims on my car with +40 offset now with a 5mm spacer they clear my brakes but they also sit a reasonable distance inside my guards it doesn't look to bad in all honesty but could also look better
  8. Hey guys just wondering if anyone would know how well these would fit a S13 silvia i have standard guards on the back with 30mm fibreglass flared on the front and z32 brake upgrade aswell... i haven't quite worked out offsets yet will these fit They are the right PCD just unsure of the offset and the caliper clearence Item: #266 SSR Set 18 x8.5 +29 18x9 +29 Cheers Brock
  9. Hey just wondering if PIAA do the super rozza in 4x114.3 PCD or only in 5 stud here is pic of them Cheers Brock
  10. the last 3 parts you bought online?

    cusco zero 2r coilovers z32 afm rear bar
  11. favourite alcohol drink

    strongbow sweet for sure ...... i wanna try snakebite's tho big in the uk they are 1/2 cider and 1/2 beer in a pint glass ... you then use some grenadine into it
  12. S13 Silvia Rear Bar

    its currently got pods on and they are cheap copies and need replacing and rear of car needs respray aswell hence why i was going to go a rear bar .... car is lower now then in the photo too there has been a change of coilovers since those photo's......... and yes i would like more dish tooo LOL
  13. Aquarium Chat Thread

    siddr when my tank went down i lost a clam... flame angel coralbeauty ebili angel couple of clowns a mandarin pair of coral banded shrimp chromis few other corals ... thing that pissed me off even more i didn't get any pics of it when it was runnin at its best hopefully in next month or so i will restock with some fish and some more corals and then i can get some pics up .. do u go on masa.asn.au much mate ??
  14. hey guys, Lookin at getting a rear for my S13 i currently have nismo option front and side skirts along with stage 21 wide front guards and a CF bonnet ... and trying to work out a rear bar that will go with what i have i was thinkin maybe vertex .... any suggestions will be appreciated cheers brock
  15. Aquarium Chat Thread

    i will give u some support siddr got the marines.. i have a 5ft tank myself that i have just started to get back on track i lost over 1000 worth of fish in a week and a clam worth 250 so yeh not good week that was 6 months ago now and i still haven't introduced any fish back into tank so just got the corals that survived left ..