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  1. R33 GTST Caliper Upgrade /s13: wheel offset

    It is all to do with spoke design. easier to say what wheels you intend to run, then we can give you an idea of weather they will fit. IIRC those 4 pot calipers stick out 34mm from the hub mounting face
  2. Suspension.

    Fyi. Adjusting toe barely affects camber on a silvia
  3. Items for sale. All located in Drouin, vic and can be posted at you cost. Pickup from pakenham can be organised as well. Enkei rpf1. Front 17x9 +22 with near new 215/45 kuhmo ku31s. Rear 18x9.5 +38 with worn 235/40. Also included is 15mm gktech bolt on spacers for the front. Wheels are in average condition. One front is pretty rashed. Both rears are rashed on the inside. $1100 Haltech ps1000, air tem sensor and patch loom to suit s1 s14 sr20det $1200 delivered in aus Bc br coilovers to suit r33. Did 1 track day perfect condition $700 S14 sr20det gearbox. Good condition. Not needed because shifter is in the wrong spot for what i needed. Borg warner 4.1 diff gears $300 delivered in aus Borg warner 31 spline spool. Msf racing components $200 delivered in aus S14/r33 rear subframe. Braced at lca mounts and toe arm mounts. Has solid subframe mounts fitted. R33 auto 4.3 lsd diff recently shimmed and r33 driveshafts. R33 gtr swaybar with new link bushes. Gktech toe, traction and camber arms. Knuckles have spherical joints at the toe and traction arms and nolothane at the camber arm. Comes with handbrake cables but no hubs. Also included is gktech caster arms for s14/r33. $700 Will have pics in the next few days. Photobucket is being a cunt
  4. s13 hubs, knuckles, and front brakes

    Hey guys, chasing a set of front knuckles (standard) hubs (or at least the retaining nut and dust cap) and front calipers (off sr20det model) Located in drouin 3818, will pay for postage
  5. 6 speed s15 box into s15 de

    Yeah the clutch will work if it is for a 6 speed. Need all the manual shit. Gearbox, crossmember, tailshaft, pedals, master and slave cylinders, console. And re wire the inhibitor switch
  6. Hey guys. I'm chasing the engine wiring loom for a s14 sr20det. As well as the battery side as well ie; starter/alternator loom
  7. 1jz mx83 build

    Not teally. Simple and easy would be a power fc and a z32. Bit more but will get better results would be like a haltech ps1000
  8. 1jz mx83 build

    High flow turbo will make that power. But if you want headroom for more go a kelway manifold,44mm gate and a kinugawa t67 25g 10cm. Not sure how you are going to get 2j injectors to fit as they are side feed. Vvti 1j is top feed.
  9. If a helical. Probs just a stock s15 centre. http://ozdat.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=11451 Looks the same as this
  10. If a helical. Probs just a stock s15 centre.
  11. S13 pulling one way

    What are the alignment specs and do you jave adjustable caster rods?
  12. 1k sounds about right for australian dollars.
  13. GTR Nismo Engine Mounts in S13

    The studs are offset on the passenger side iirc. And they are al least 20mm shorter (maybe more) than sr ones. Sump will hang well under the crossmember
  14. Touch up tune for similar turbo?

    They aren't close to each other. Def need a re tune
  15. S14 sr20det t28 laggy

    Yep. Cracked housing is the issue. Had one that did the same. Was shit as
  16. S13 wheels

    Didn't you have another thread that was the same? In a 17 the tyres are expensive and oddball size. 32 gtr wheels with 205/50 is the go. Tyres are up to $40 cheaper each
  17. Coupe vs hatch

  18. Will these wheels fit

  19. Will these wheels fit

    Running heavy wheels isn't going to help if you are planning on drifting a n/a. Imo, get a set of 32gtr wheels and run 205/50s
  20. You can buy wide tyres off the shelf. Never heard of anyone getting custom tyres lol. How wide wheels are you looking at?
  21. S15 thermo fans

    You want it hotter than that. 80-85 would be better. Needs to be higher than the thermostat opening temp
  22. Care to post up some 2j results and specs?
  23. Neil's FD3S Sprint Car

    Is the radiator shroud going to get some flaps added the the blank side?
  24. Same as what they use, if it is too long, cut it shorter.
  25. S14 series 2 6 boost manifold.

    Whole lot needs to come off. Manifold and all