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  1. I like the rocker cover James. Different is good I say!!!
  2. PPG vs PAR Engineering

    Hey thats my car in the video, its running a PPG 1-4 helical dog set + billet main shafts and billet selector forks. It also has been converted so that 5th (and all associated parts) is also a PPG gear and dog engaged. They custom made all the parts for me, and its only the second one they have built. PM me if you want any info about it. I am also considering selling it if I can get the price I am after for it. Dale
  3. Are you able to supply the thrust bearing + carrier/sleeve which comes with the 559d-02n kit?

    E85 is coming to Caltex stations shortly http://www.caltex.com.au/LatestNews/Pages/NewsItem.aspx?ID=13178
  5. Tyre choice for Superlap.

    or you can buy my white TE37 track rims for $1300 (17x7.5 and 17X9.5) that way I can get some cash to buy another set of rims as I am entered in the Clubsprint class aswell
  6. WSID on the 28th and 30th

    there are no specific rules which say a 14 sec car cannot run on full throttle fridays. Anyone can buy an ANDRA license and run on full throttle fridays if they want to have more drag racing events to attend than the regular wednesday night street meets. I am thinking of getting my ADNRA super street license so I can go and run consistent 13's
  7. Dog Boxes

    I just put a S14 Helical PPG dog box in my s15 and love it. its a bitch to drive on the street because of the extremely long first gear, but I love the clutchless shifting when giving it stick. I will be running it at Wakefield on the weekend for the first time since it was installed and am soo looking forward to seeing how it goes.
  8. Gearbox talk... again

    PPG RRP price list for Feb 2009 - parts only Nissan SR20 5spd (dog box) (straight cut only) $7920 Nissan SR20 5spd 1st - 4th Helical (dog box) $6710 Nissan SR20 5spd 1st - 4th Helical (synchro box) $4730 Nissan SR20 Billet Selector forks $385 each Nissan SR20 Solid Billet Main Shaft $1210
  9. Volk TE-37 or GT-C ?

    I have both TE37's and GT-C's for my s15 and I prefer the GT-C's
  10. Trolley Jack's

    I have a low aluminium racing jack from Autobarn which I also use with a set of Takata LDS (Low Down Service) Ramps.
  11. I bought 8 tickets in the pre-sale on Wednesday morning, but all the pre-sales tickets are now sold out.
  12. garage defend for the cooling panel
  13. Jap spec S15 brochure

  14. S14 grip settings

    Hey Andrew, I run pretty much the same specs as Jono, except with a smidge more camber on the rear