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  1. Also talking about 2871R turbos. You can go with a T3 housing and external wastegate. There A/R is .63 or .82. Should give better spool and top end power over the T2 housings. I havnt seen any dyno charts of them though. I find it pretty hard to launch now. Turbo has some lag to it and then its like an On/Off switch in power. I usually slip the clutch around 4k-4500rpm. Slip just enough for the car to start rolling then boost builds and the tires spin away. Any lower RPM it seems to bog. Im just way overpowering the little tires.
  2. A pretty crappy 13.0 with 2.4 60ft. Cant expect much from 195/60-15 All Seasons. They were spinning from start to clear past the 1/8 mile mark. I'll have Drag Radials very shortly though.
  3. Ive owned both the 2871R .64 and .86 in 56 trim. .64 gave 18psi @ 3800rpm while the .86 gave 18psi @ 4200-4400rpm. If your above 3500rpm the .86 pulls very hard. Also boost response is gonna depend alot on exhaust manifold and intake manifold. I noticed slower but smoother spool once i got a tubular manifold and lag started to be more noticable when i put on a Greddy Intake Manifold. The .86 does make at least 50whp more than the .64 does. But you have to have the engine mods to take advantage of its high rpm capabilities. I rev to 8krpm and power pulls hard the entire way. .64 is great for drifting where the .86 will definitly shine in drag racing. With 16psi, I ran 117mph trap speeds on the .86. Thats roughly 350whp. Cant wait to go back and run again with 20psi. Should be in the 122mph area. Dont think a .64 is gonna match the power to run that quick.
  4. Make and model: 89 240sx Coupe Size of engine: SR20DET Redtop Modifications to the car: Lots Type of turbo: GT2871R Trim of turbo: 56 Trim Rear Exhaust housing: .86 A/R When does vehicle begin boost: <2500rpm When does vehicle reach full boost and what PSI: 20psi @ 4500rpm Does the vehicle have Cams? if so; Yes What brand: HKS 264 Step 1 Cams What lift/duration etc: 264 Duration, 10.5mm Lift Max power achieve at what boost: estimated; 400whp @ 20psi, 400+whp @ 24psi (Dyno will come shortly)
  5. Hitting Rev Limiter

    I tend to pound my rev limiter every once in a while in second from wheel spin but it doesnt seem to have damaged anything yet.