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  1. Vessi's 180

    180 is for SALE! Asking for $13,000 ONO, PM me if interested, or call me on 0422645605. Did a comp test on the car a few weeks ago, made 151 on all 4, car is in great nic and has always been well looked after! List of mods on the first page of this post.
  2. Price : $20 Condition : Used Hello, I am selling my NEX Racing helmet, size: L. Helmet is in excellent condition, I have only used it for track days, so it is undamaged. Pickup is from Lower Templestowe. Asking for $20. If you're interested, call Vessi on 0422645605.
  3. Vessi's 180

    Its been a while since i updated this thing..... Car hasn't had a great deal done to it since the last post besides: Nismo 2 way Momo steering wheel Apexi turbo timer Alpine DVD player Focal front speakers TEIN tie rods and tie rod ends Exedy cushion button clutch I cleaned the 180 on the weekend and I saw it black in colour again (had been a very long time since she was cleaned) so I took a picture to savior the moment lol
  4. Vessi's 180

    Its been some time since I have posted in this thread..... Last year after I got my doriteks, i got them powder coated satin black by Shaks from Feenin performance. Wheels came out absolutely mint! Had to get the rear guards flared 10mm for the wheels to tuck in nicely.
  5. Vessi's 180

    My Doriteks arrived on the weekend and we did a trial fitting. They look awesome, really happy with the size and offsets. Putting 5mm spacers on the front, and need to flare the rears. Wheels are at the sandblaster now, and then they are getting powder coated black.
  6. What do you look like?

    Me and SeaNo180 on our six month anniversary
  7. Vessi's 180

    Some pics of my car and the boys (Seano180). His is the better looking one (as always ). My dog doing some modelling shots lol My rear quarter replaced after a lady reversed into it - Hampshire Panels, always do awesome panel work! Shaks's (Feenin Performance) powder coating Sean's car stuck on our driveway, with back wheels off the ground..... very funny to watch
  8. 180sx convert like a ferrari

    How much are you asking for this?
  9. 92 slutvia

    Look very nice! Imo you just need to paint the cooler black.
  10. 180sx convert like a ferrari

    This has actually come up quite good! Allot of money to spend on body work imo....
  11. Vessi's 180

    size? and offset? black on black (rims, car) will look mad. 18 x 8.5 +34 on the front 18 x 9.5 +18 on the rear Will have to roll the rear gaurds, but hopefully these offsets will sit nicely.
  12. bad ass black 32

    Love black 32s. This thing looks tuff!
  13. 180sx Need a shell

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about your troubles. Really pays to have the car on a hoist and properly looked at before buying. Love the seats, and some black rims would look hawwwwt!
  14. Rb sil80

    in that case go for something like a cam or mongoose alarm. They are about $200-$250.
  15. Rb sil80

    Where are you based? If in Vic, give Bundoora street sound and vision a call, and ask for Simon. He does allot of imports and he will do you an awesome price on an alarm. Oh, and for insurance purposes it has to be 3 point and all black wiring.