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  1. Those boat ppl have to be towed back to where they came from. They pay up to $20000 to get on to those boats. When my family immigrated here just on a normal permanent resident visa and not even a asylim visa or anything like that, we sold everything we had in my country and we got just enough money for the plane tikets for 3 of us and a 2-3 weeks of rent money for a appartment, thats all we had because it was bad in Russia in the 90s and no body would even consider giving us a asylim visa. We had it hard and my dad has a phd and he couldnt get a job even as a sales person at a shop or anything like that because there was no jobs what so ever, thats why we moved but if those boat ppl can find the money to pay up to $20000 to get onto a illigal boat then they are not really in a hard position and be sent back to where they come from. Our tax money could be put to better use like hospitals and education here
  2. those ferals should of got 1 controlled shot to the head after they got pulled out the car. and the parents of those retards also said what happened to tasers?? i have a question for those parents, "why the f**k is ur 14 year old kid out at 4am at kings kross in a stolen car and smoking pot and drinking beforehand"??? some fukn shitty parenting right there. and todays protest by abbos at parramatta should of got delt with the riot squad, all of them need to get their head kiked in. abbos think they still own this land and think they can do as they pls, i got news for all the abbos out there, u got conquered few hundred years ago, this is not ur land anymore, this land belongs to australians, dont like it?? tuff f**king luck, u should of fought off the invaders. and anthony mundeen is a f**king clown for defending those pot smoking scum who steal other ppls cars and run ppl over. anthony ur not a world class boxer as they write in the news.
  3. things that annoy you

    the price of petrol. $1.54 for 91 unleded is a joke. the oil is at $104 a barrel and our dollar is strong. petrol was around $1.55 few years ago when the oil shot up to $144 for a barrel and our $$$ was at around $0.80. f**king rorting government
  4. Channel Ten Flame Fest

    its not about them calling a guy a few names or wat not. its about TV getting stupider and stupider. now days all the stuff on tv is about bagging some body out or doing something outrages but not outrages funny or daring but just stupid and ppl are starting to get sik of it thats what this is about. tv in our days is shit. back in the days tv was way better b4 all this reality tv crap. they had cool science shows, documetry shows about animals, funny comedy that didnt have a laugh at somebodys expense
  5. London Riots

    why does the system has to be responsible for everybodys actions??? and the guy that got shot got what he deserved. the car he was in some 1 had a gun and was shooting at cops. all those ppl that rioted deserve to get shot. just because they r a bunch of lazy F#ks why do they have to go and burn some hard working persons business or car down??? i wouldnt feel sorry for any of them if the army got called in and layed all of them down with machine guns, i would love to shoot them myself. life is hard. and all the forener ppl that come to england and other 1st world countries get a chance at life if they try hard but at least they get a chance not like in their own countries. ppl need to harden the f**k up and not expect that some 1 is going to come and give them money or a house for free.
  6. London Riots

    i cant understand why they just dont start shooting them?? ppl should support the police using their guns for things like this. this is un-acceptable. i feel sorry for all the business owners who had their businesses destroyed. and i looked through all the pics and 90% of people are immigrants. police or the army should just catch them and deport their whole families back to where they came from.
  7. Thats what i forgot to mention in my post. Why should we have to pay. And if they bring that hoe Corby back to Australia they should put her in jail for giving Australia a bad name. (Its fukn stupid that a person in a top 10 best countries of the world smuggles drugs)
  8. Just read this on msn.com.au and it pist me off that our government gave money to a terrorist because he was tortured while he was detained for been a terrorist and fighting against our country and our close allyes. I think Prime minister Gillard should resighn for giving a terrorist money. Our tax payer money went to a bloody terrorist instead of going to a hospital or to a school to improve conditions for normal ppl. IM REALLY PIST OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do you guys think anyway??? Link to the article http://news.ninemsn.com.au/national/8254401/mamdouh-habib-gets-passport-back Former Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib says his Australian passport has been returned to him. The Sydney father-of-four's passport was cancelled after his 2005 release from the US military prison at Guantanamo Bay in Cuba, where he'd been held without charge. "I have received money, I have received a passport, I have received everything, my dignity back," Mr Habib told AAP on Friday. Mr Habib said he could not make any further comment because he had an exclusive media deal with a television channel, believed to be Ten Network. In January, Prime Minister Julia Gillard ordered an inquiry into Australia's role in Mr Habib's arrest, amid claims Australia had been complicit in his 2001 CIA rendition to Egypt, where he was detained and tortured. Ms Gillard's move also followed a secret federal payout to Mr Habib, reportedly triggered by witness statements implicating Australian officials in his detention in a Cairo military prison. Mr Habib was detained in Pakistan as a suspected terrorist in October 2001, before being held in Egypt, Afghanistan and then Guantanamo Bay. In 2006, the then foreign minister Alexander Downer refused to issue Mr Habib a new passport, based on an adverse security assessment by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO). Despite never having being charged, Mr Habib was unable to travel because ASIO continued to maintain he was a threat to national security.
  9. Planking

    1 idiot already died doing this stupid planking and theres another 1 in coma from doing it. ud have to be a retard to think planking is funny
  10. ME Vs Police

    Hahaha, its like one of my Afghan mates, every time he goes to an airport they pull him up and tell him it's a random search lol, random my ass, like i said reputation, sometimes unfair but a fact of life. Nearly every time i fly i get pulled up for a random search or a random explosives test and so does my father and we are not muslim or look arab. I dont have a problem with been picked for those random searches, the ppl at the airport are just doing their job. Im so sick of hearing this "they pick on me because im a muslim or a arab". I have a few muslim and arab friends who act normal and dont cause any trouble and they never get picked on by the police or any other government agency.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FSguQg_bK38 only if ppl in australia started doing this
  12. na im on a 15MB/s plan. i could of got higher speed but i dont really need it any faster so i got the cheapest plan.
  13. internet in australia is crap. a year ago i moved back to russia and here i pay AU$10 per month for unlimited fiber optic cable connection and the speed is 15megabytes/second. i dont even bother to save movies/game installation files onto my computer any more because i can just download them in less then 5 mins if i need too. and theres no restrictions or limitations to ur internet. and most internet providers make their own servers so ppl can share movies/games/music......... and not get bothered by all those movie producing companies for illigally downloading. why cant australia have internet like this??
  14. i go straight to the airline from now on. iv tried using a travel agent a few time for international flights but they are too slow and pretty expensive. last time i needed a urgent ticket to russia and flight center couldnt find me anything under $5500 so i told them to get stuffed and called up lufthansa and they got me a ticket for the next day flight for $2900 return including taxes. but i guess if u plan stuff a month or 2 in advance u could use a travel agent.
  15. that big thing would be too much of a target