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  1. Been a while...still need this clarified...anyone know?
  2. Do you mean yours are bolted on 4 holes and then miss 4 holes? - cos mine in the pic are the same? I assure you they are VSKF wheels... yes mine bolt on 4 holes then miss 4 holes your picture has them bolting to 4 holes then missing 5 unless cause yours are 19's and mine are 18's Oh damn - my bad...I never counted 5...crap. Sorry. Could be cause of the diameter...can anyone shed some light on this...?
  3. Do you mean yours are bolted on 4 holes and then miss 4 holes? - cos mine in the pic are the same? I assure you they are VSKF wheels...
  4. Here's my concern...the number of studs on the rear don't match up...anyone know why/how they interchange? Here are my VSKF wheels: Here are the Eurolines:
  5. So they will fit for sure? I don't want to shell out $3k and not have them fit... I thought they would...I'm pumped as now!
  6. Hey guys, I have a set of 19in VS-KF Work wheels coming from Japan and I have since located a set of Euroline SL wheels which I prefer - the thing is the VS-KF wheels have the right amount of offset and dish but I prefer the Euroline SL look - does anyone know if the centres are interchangeable? The doubt I have is that the VS-KF wheels have 4 studs between each spoke, whereas the Euroline SL has only 3 - but I am sure I read somewhere all the outers are the same. Any help would be much appreciated... Cheers, Chris
  7. Hi Chris, are you chasing something specific? We don't have anything in stock exhaust wise for JZX90 but if you are after something particular from HPI or Kakimoto, getting it in for you is no problem Cheers, Steve Hi Steve - I have bought from you guys in the past but unfortunately a JZX90 is not as easy to get bits for as my R32 was... The car is standard, and being specific I am wanting to source and fit: - Turbo back exhaust system (cat back preferably Japanese made - Kakimoto?) - FMIC kit - TEIN coil overs - KAAZ diff If you can help with any of the above parts, please let me know mate. Thanks, Chris

    http://www.tcpglobal.com/autocolorlibrary/ Select the AutoColorLibrary tab and off you go...

    http://www.tcpglobal.com/autocolorlibrary/ Select the AutoColorLibrary tab and off you go...
  10. Can you please list any of the above parts you have available for JZX90 MarkII Tourer V please...and appropriate prices...! Thanks, Chris
  11. Hey guys, Just wanted to mention that I've bought many things from Holford motors, from panels, to BRIDE seats to wheels and Dom has always been an awesome help and has amazing prices - as is evident in this thread! Very highly recommended...I won't go anywhere else for my Jap import parts! Hey Dom it's Chris here with the white 32 four door from Tassie - I'll be coming to see you soon for a list of bits I need mate... Cheers, Chris
  12. Anyone know this S13 body kit?

    I dunno, I got it secondhand from a guy that had one lying around....for $20! Need skirts & pods urgently tho...
  13. where it all began - to now

    Any update on this thing? I'm tossing up 1JZ or 2JZ in my S13 and would love to hear of your results/setup?
  14. Thank you all for your help guys - much appreciated! Thanks adam87 - I thought as much too! Hence my post. I have an R32 that had TEIN HAs in it and they were ok for daily driving...whatever the spring rates are on them standard I do not know - but they'd have to be heavier than the S13 equivalents surely... Yeah I agree Qvacker - the Super Streets are entry level and I'm questioning whether I'm putting too much stress in them with my application... Timma you are a champion - this is the exact type of info I'm after! The idea of 12s in the front really doesn't float my boat...10s and 8s seem a little more user friendly...can you tell me who I could talk to that runs such a set up in their car? PM is fine too mate... Hey Salad - a fellow R32 4 door fan it seems! They're awesome... Regarding your post - having come from a background of rotaries and drag racing, heavy engines and coilover suspension is not my area of expertise but it seems you have a valid point. Going off the research I've done, the Super Street package offers a good compromise for street and occational sideways action - which is why they appealed to me. Also, given my car is a street & drag car before it is a drifter, I don't feel the need in spending 2k+ on springs and shocks. With these things in mind, are you able to shed some further light on your thoughts and maybe suggest a well priced monotube damper? I don't mind second hand, but when people are selling second hand TEINs for $950ish and you can get them for under $1500 new, I'd rather go the new parts.
  15. PM v8silvia on here - he's done it I thought about this conversion, the torque would be awesome - but decided to go with a Toyota motor instead. Anyway, good work for thinking outside the square and good luck mate! Cheers, Chris