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  1. What you should do it pull over in the break down lane, not so hard and everyone sticks together. Stay with CBS and your sorted.
  2. P6 from what I read? yeah ill be there... nfi where i go i get lost all the time.. i should not be a leader lol
  3. Im in, this is dependent if it rains - R34 does not like rain + RWD... I hope it stops raining as it will be the last time I drive for some time.
  4. Anyone know who owns the RX7? Id like to enquire about purchace of it. If anyone could let him know to PM me or vice versa. Thanks! Nathaniel
  5. um.. La Perouse? Dont you think thats going to cause some issues with the police?
  6. I think the GTR would have cooked me in the corners but straight line speed would be taken by myself hence the plates, at least from what I could tell - it was a stock gtr. This aside the cornering my rears kept steping out ($200 tyres - what can you expect?) I have to say car of the day was the Rx7, made me fall in love with them again. Just gotta find 30g to buy one now!
  7. R34 here.. I dunno wtf was going on - so many people's cars felt the heat today spotted wine red s14 down, a few others too.. Sad to see. Got lost in the back of the pack helping out a S15 down and never caught up. Random phone calls proved fruitless to find out wtf anyone was heading, not that I really had any original idea. I thought it was a twisties run from lofus to wollongong originally. This aside was good to get to that golden legal 110km/h mark and hear the engine screaming to unleash. Nice to meet a few people too! Now... PHOTOS!
  8. Project Varietta R-RATED NEW PHOTOS ! PAGE 9

    Thats wild dude, if that was matt black it would look so mean.. I drive a R34 as that would put mine to shame.

    Interesting fact.. use a saw to cut some wood, or knife to cut fruit etc.. look at yourself cutting on the right side, aim to cut straight .. look at the slice.. its not straight its diagonal.. Drive thinking your going straight - turn head left to inspect a on-looker look back your heading left.. bodys natural reaction to do so .. Neways onto smoking. Seriously my main reason for not smoking driving is because im left handed.. Try shift, drive and steer with a smoke! second is because interior is fabric and my leg is skin.. and both burn .. and 3rd is because all of the above can make me roll my car... even tho its hard to do in a coupe. Glad your ok.. hopefully you got insurance
  10. Just got defected

    In NSW im pretty sure you have the right if the car is stationary to deny access to it. Unless they have a warrant. Im not 100% sure but if a cop walks up to you and your in a car park and says flip the hood say to busy gotta go cya mate. being nice because you can be restrained for any reason dont forget. They will prob defect you for some exterior things but maybe not ..
  11. D3CIM8: Adjusting the tune is the same for either mate, costs no more. Only difference is you don;t have a hand controller so you can;t do it yourself. Yes I understand that but what I meant is, You get a tune every time you get a new mod.. A power fc will take 2 minutes and remap/tweak will take some time with hooking up and remapping etc .. so the hand controller will take a fraction of the time reducing costs.. Thats what I would assume. My assumption is unfounded like all however seems to make sence to me, especially most of the time labour costs a bit
  12. Recording

    Im sure it would piss them off, but if they dont know how would it hurt... If your being a smart ass your going to cop it arnt u.. If you know ur going down I would record you involvments with the officer for your protection in court as a slight slip in their duty could save you in court.. but im not an expert and never been in shit but thought it sounds decent
  13. Well my opinion is this Power FC has hand controller which you can use to change onhand Remap doesnt, remap also has to be re-mapped everytime you add a mod to get optimum performance power fc just has to be tuned.. so prices there would be diff of course.. So a remap in my mind would cost more unless u saved up and smashed all the gear in at once and sat happy with that.. but when are we ever "happy with that"
  14. Highway Patrol

    just for the record, Police have to follow the rules too.. 3 yr probation period still for green p platers... If your still on your p's when you join the police you keep them.. until ur on your blacks For military you can get them instantly ... which i find interesting.. same with moto
  15. The diff, Pretty much the short answer is get out your wallet .. It could be a lose diff or a lose wheel but with a massice clunk it sounds like you've blown a cog or spider gears... Hopefully wont cost too much!