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  1. s14a dori project .....Sil80 reshelling

    needs more vents.. vents everywhere and some spirit rei diffusers. p.s please paint it yellow.
  2. Rules and regs for drift cars? NSW

    The cams manual covers most of the stuff drift cars need. in sections A & B. Maybe in the future I'll try rewrite the requirements into a separate document so we don't have to dig though boring stuff. Many of the points covered in the ADGP regs and on IDA's site do cover what is in the cams manual aswell so Tsurikawa is correct. However the exhaust must exit the vehicle behind the B pillar and if rear exit 100mm i think of the rear of the car. I don't know who is saying you need carpet covering your fuel pump area. sounds like they are messing with you. Fuel systems must be separated from the cabin area. with metal and sealed. i.e no fumes or fuel can get to you. if you pump is in tank you have no dramas. Secondary bonnet restraint is just a second point of holding the bonnet down. if you have 2 bonnet pins your covered. A secure battery is a no brainer yet most poeple don't seem to do it. cops even defect you for it. needs to not move at all. Dash doesn't matter as long as there arn't any pointy sharp objects floating around and everything is secure tightly.
  3. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    Here's a video from testing on friday. Mostly of Jabbs but 1 run from me
  4. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    Did some more demo's. This time at jamboree at Sydney Dragway. Redid the headlights again and more stickers. Did alot of tandem work with my mate too. fun weekend! To do: more glitter more drift
  5. Drift etiquette..?

    Should also include comps. i.e no drag racing off the line and leaving your battle buddy on the line.. plus country drift's post on RESPECT the track! +1
  6. i think you can sell supers now.. a full modded sandking or oracle can sell for $100,000 easy.. I used to use them when you could duplicate cars easy for some quick cash.. I'm happy with my garage too. Although I wish I bought more planes and boats..
  7. I had about 400 million.. back to $354,000 still got my cars.. probably wish I had thrown some expensive cars into my garage before the tax so i could sell em n make some cash..
  8. D-LUX 326POWER S13 Custom headlights!

    Thread Revival! this is how the car is still currently. 326power aero kit (only S13 kit I know of in Australia) LED tail lights & custom headlights / indicators dinner plate wheels and still has most of the interior. I know the height isn't VIP enough but wakefield has huge drop offs and It handles well at this height. plus I don't wanna smash the rare aero too much.. Currently running 230kw and 245/35 kumho fronts and 265/35 RSR's rear. future plans: go LED fog lights full cage remove sunroof vinyl graphics new front suspension setup. PBM knuckles etc..
  9. I'm still loving the game.. mostly just bounty hunting and off roading.. I've currently got the merryweather mesa & the Rusty Rebel. I've had both Sandkings and thinking I might have to ditch my grotti stinger gt.. and get another sandking to keep. It's great having the buzzard now too.. most missions just call pegs and pick it up and rocket the mission for a easy 25k!
  10. ARMA 3

    I play awsell. not so regular now with GTA v out. I usually just play on the lanbox servers.
  11. yea if it's freaking out like that, make sure you clean the dust out of it quick and try keep it cool. last time my ps3 did that I had to buy a new one..
  12. I'll be online aswell i think, my ps3 keeps freezing.. was on the way to get a tank with turkey and froze out.
  13. I found another easy way to make extra cash. Bit of a glitch tho.. (make sure your options are set to last location and your in a invite only server) when your in your garage jump in a car you can sell to LSC and thats modded up super. then leave you phone open to the final page before accepting the job. then as soon as you see your car leaving the garage accept the job. Then exit out of the job. you'll spawn out the front of your place and see your ride parked on the street and a duplicate in front of the garage.. then go to LSC n sell it. pretty simple. it works on all cars n bikes but you can't sell the high end stuff.
  14. yea not many poeple were online over the weekend.. even then most were busy or didn't respond. I just do the story missions that only require at least 1 person.