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  1. cross threaded seat bolt

    you can only get a spanner in there if your not running carpet like me
  2. cross threaded seat bolt

    one of the passengers side front on mine got cross threaded badly, i drilled it out and ran a nut and bolt hard to get a spanner on the nut though :|
  3. xx

    Videos from Matsuri 2012, link is to play list. most in playlist are of myself but there is about 4 of group A
  4. i use gtr seats in my s13 track car with a 5 point harness and there great. below is my guide on how i installed mine. http://www.brunsolutions.com.au/?p=135
  5. xx

    thanks to Rapid Performance for welding my broken seat on sunday my noisy gearbox survived the two days which was good, it seemed like frush was the unofficial sponsor at matsuri with tshirts and stickers everywhere had to google wtf is frush when i got home...luckily i didnt google what is thrush lol
  6. xx

    think im going to get a 12v fan and mount it to the dash
  7. xx

    my stock manifold is back on and oil changed and gearbox back in but ... after getting bearings replace my gearbox is still making bad noises, wanting to buy one to take up just in case it dies anyone got a s13 sr gearbox for sale in melb ?
  8. xx

    anyone else getting this? keep getting it, and won't go to the 2nd step yeh it took me 26 minutes to register just keep trying
  9. xx

    1. Waiting on Gearbox to get stripped and rebuilt 2. install solid engine mounts and gearbox mount 3. install gearbox 4. bolt turbo / manifold back on 5. bolt exhaust back on 6 get petrol supplies I called the leisure park on monday and it was already booked out got a room elsewhere.
  10. what field/role of IT are you in ? IT is a pretty good job aircon and no workplace hazards etc maybe try a different field in IT and specialize in somthing, companies are always looking for specialists in certain products / technologies.
  11. Workshop/Car Tips & Tricks.

    wear thin mechanics gloves when possible nothing worse than trying to thread a bolt or get into small places with clumsy thick gloves. you can never have the car too high on jackstands when working under it as long as its safe. if you have a baby keep the formula tins they are great for bolts and bits and peices what i hate is when working under the car looking up and coping dirt or some crap in my eye.
  12. Online stores

    i got my clutch from amazon of all places and even with postage ($48) it was hundreds cheaper than aus they had flywheels as well.
  13. I have taken the gearbox and clutch out. The spigot bush / pilot bush looks like it is a little munted could it be this making the noise ? I have pulled the casings off the gearbox and the 4 bearings that i can move by hand seem to all be good and the two in the centre plate look intact. anyone heard this noise before ?
  14. We have been to emergency a few times and had a baby in public system and never had to pay anything so its hardly like comparing it to a uninsured vehicle.
  15. if it covered all dental i would get it otherwise i pay tax for medicare until its cheaper for me to get private.