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  1. C35 Laurel /// HIT AND RUN

    point noted, heres something to keep you occupied
  2. Forza Motorsport 4

    just give up bud, ive been waiting for 3 months now Hahaha I'm in the same boat.
  3. Spring Matsuri

    http://www.chopsticktattoo.org/index2.php They are based in Osaka.
  4. Wingsuit base jumping

    There was a interview with Jeb and he said to get to wing suits he had to do a couple hundred solo jumps from a plane, then do a couple hundred base jumps, then a couple 100 wingsuit jumps from a plane then moved onto wingsuit base jumps. Im sure if you were that into jumping out of planes and did it often you'd meet the right crowd.
  5. Forza Motorsport 4

    Whats doing with the club? I tried joining and heard nothing back, Gamertag is mstrsam
  6. Meh, I've got more important things to do with my time then argue on the internet. I've voiced my opinion, they didn't like it, Oh well.
  7. Then stop wasting peoples times with useless questions! And stop wasting peoples "times" with un-constructive replies. Ever heard the saying "it doesn't hurt to ask questions?" I thought this thread was here for people to discuss Offset and to learn a few things about. Who gives a f**k if the guy is a dreamer, there might be someone else who is interested in those sizes for their car but are too scared to ask the questions because people on this site would much sooner rip on someone then help them out. -traedayz- and ygoslo have both offered helping constructive opinions. To some people Ns.com is there only source of info, not everyone can spend all day and night trawling through multiple websites to get the ultimate fitment.
  8. BN Widebody L98 S14

    Yer i thought thats what you said. Lmao Flawless victory! The dude has a off tap s14 that he has swapped and changed so many times with some gnarly/not cheap set ups and also has a 350kw Falcon ute to tow with. Its not hard to assume the brother has a wad of cash But all shit aside I'm dieing to see this thing on the track. Goodluck with it all dude, this thing is one of my favorite Aussie s14's and now it has a V8 in it makes me cream even more I'm looking forward to what crazy bullshit you do to this next.
  9. Like a company as big as Nike needs to promote their company or be worried about making extra profit. They do limited release shoes all the time but they are normally sold at selected retailers and don't get as much hype behind them as what these shoes have.
  10. HypeBeast I've been wanting a pair of these since I was a kid. Awesome news that they are making them and for a good cause, Sucks that I'll never get my hands on a pair. All we need now is for Mattel to make the hover board and we'll be sorted
  11. 24 @ Home with Parents, Pay board. Moved out with my girlfriend when I was 19, Split with the girlfriend at the start of the year and moved back home. At first I hated it because I "lost all my freedom" but after 9 months I find myself doing all the same shit I did when I lived out of home, plus now I get my washing/cooking and cleaning done for me TBH it depends on the type of relationship you have with your parents, But right now I'm loving being at home, apart from saving money and the cooking/cleaning I'm also bonding with my parents alot more now. This year for me has really been about spending more time on myself and my family but next year I plan on moving out an buying my own place.
  12. Discuss your civilised drift thoughts.

    What this guy said ^^ Discuss your civilised drift thoughts
  13. Hahaha I've been looking at new places and my Pre-requisites are good garage and flat drive way. Does anyone know the specs of this s13?
  14. What do you look like?

    My brother on the right and Me on the left, out celebrating our brothers 21st. This was just after a series of Cocktail Shots