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  1. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    So u lack credibility, and were done....
  2. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    5 months ago
  3. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Pics or your lying. 4.5% I call rubbish List your stats. Its funny seeing your logic. Posting up your reasoning from a supp owner lol. I actually pity you and those who follow you/listen to you.
  4. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    High impact. Out of curiosity whats your leanest bf%? And: Bench Deadlift Squat All 1rm This will be interesting. I imagine you have never hit below 10% bf or above 170kg squat due to your arrogance with misguided knowledge being completely incorrect. You say always train at 100% because the body will limit given the calorie intake. Or that you should never replace food for protein or dextrose. Your completely wrong on all accounts.. training at 100% when dieting can induce muscle wastage with the body converting muscle for fuel if your training at too high percentage of effort... this results in a major risk for injury if anything and is one of the reasons why machines are preferred by true bodybuilders, unlike yourself whom I suggest is a complete amateur. In turn we can allow prescribed effort levels in stupidly low mental states without the risk of injury. As for everything else like how protein is metabolised in the body for protein synthesis, absorption rates, nutrient timing etc im not going to bother debating because it is clearly beyond your mental capacity. I dont feel like wasting my time and frankly, no one else would probably listen. Your knowledge is definitely incomplete and insufficient to give reasonable and accurate information. You remind me of an obese personal trainer giving cues on dieting. These people I loathe because they have no idea. Go play with your sisters 20kg dumbells. Stick to what your good at.
  5. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Yea that would of been me. I haven't had the time nor patience recently to progress with the coaching. IF has a break in period of several weeks. Personally, leaving most of my meals to late in the day allowed a calorie intake of 1100.. with the overall daily deficit hitting 2000 depending on activity levels. Energy on these days was brilliant once my body adapted. With IF its not so much about hitting macros as it is about teaching you self control. Hitting your protein is important, but more so is the ability to eat with discipline when you need it, not when you feel you should eat (eg the misconception of breakfast). Limiting yourself to a window as in leangains is an example of this.
  6. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    I was talking about drinking it straight, given you can employ more accurate calorie control If you start to plateau, I would drop the eggsbacon combo and use olive oil as a direct source of monounsaturated fat to spare muscle early on during the day 20g worth of fat should suffice... depends on your calories And chuck in cottage cheese at night for recovery Adding in some cardio sessions and/or further calorie deficit will help I find measuring and controlling calories is difficult given estimation plays a huge role, especially when you start dealing with your true metabolic rate, thermic effects of food, activity levels etc I think proper training and nutrition leaving you feel good is subjective. Eating 1100 calories a day whilst averaging around 2 hours a day training to lose fat and spare muscle is quite the headache As for your feeling super tired on training days truck, it sounds like you have naturally poor insulin sensitivity, reintroducing refined carbs to a greater amount would make you feel lethargic. What were you eating on training days?
  7. Supplement Reviews

    I would say you think you know more than you actually do. Protein isolate has a 97% digestability/efficiency rate (national research council us 1989). Also, wpc gives you more protein per dollar. Wpi is more expensive due to being lactose free and rid of trace f/cho. Bcaas are leucine isoleucine and valine. Last time I checked they form 3 out of the required 8 essential amino acids with glutamine becoming essential under certain conditions. As for 'correct ratio' thats untrue. A minimum number of all of the amino acids (non essential/essential) is required to induce protein synthesis. Any excess is curbed by diurnal cycling and oxidization via the liver.
  8. 5 x 5 to cut body fat

    Id switch bacon for olive oil And try to leave most of your carbs before and after your workout for regulating blood glucose levels And the workout shouldn't be a max effort given the caloric deficit, you want 75% as a guide. You can't effectively promote growth whilst dropping weight and you don't want to risk muscle for fuel. Id also fix your pre workout meal. Replace egg and bacon with whey and dextrose. Or. If you must eat, a piece of fruit and protein source. Fruit at other times is unnecessary. If hungry eat celery, cucumber etc. Low calorie low gi although concept of gi is debatable Imo 5 x 5 is pointless on a cut. You should aim for 3 x 8 as a minimum if you prefer that volume..
  9. Cash spews out of Commonwealth ATM

    There's quite a few consequences available.. Depends how much money is inolved and how the bank wants to act. As a rough idea how it could play out, see below. Scenario one - Going off the sketchy information, It seems the ATM's are giving out more money than what has been entered by the ATM user.. It is very, very hard for the bank to prove that there is then a subsequent intention by the user to permanently deprive the bank the money in question if the user's initial amount requested does not exceed the balance of his/her current account. That's about the only good bit of news.. This gives the user a chance to return the money with no reprocussion. Keeping the money on the other hand, wellllllll, even though there was no initial intention to permanently deprive, a later intention to deprive will suffice and result in consequences. In the case of someone who was initally attempting to withdraw more than what is already in their account, it could be seen that there is an intention to permanently deprive and/or obtain goods by fraudulant means, this falls under the CRIMES ACT 1900 - SECT 192D Basically leading to charges of Fraud if convicted. Now this could be argued back and forth that the ATM's are in standby mode, therefore, they are indirectly authorised by the bank to spit out what ever money is asked of them, yet does this make it ok for Mr X to withdraw and/or keep an amount of money that is not legally his? NO. Scenario two (similar to the latter just mentioned) - The ATM's aren't spitting out money based on a multiplier of the initial amount you entered.. Instead you can withdraw what ever you want.. Then, as mentioned before, if you are withdrawing more than what is in your account, it would appear you have an initial intention to permanently deprive and are consequently liable for charges of Fraud. Now, it's highly unlikely that the bank would go after each person individually, with the intention of laying charges. As someone already mentioned it will most likely just become debt in the accounts of those involved. Unless of course someone wants to challenge the bank and not return/pay the money, then you can expect a shitstorm. I'm by no means a barrister, just studying law and thought I'd have a crack at it, I realise there's so many scenarios and outcomes that could occur, but my response only focused on a small range of possibilities. i hate to point out a mere technicality, but so many people are calling this fraud and i must do this. Any keeping of the money is regarded as theft, not fraud. Informally, fraud involves intentional deception to deprive people of money.. so, credit card skimming, then purchasing good/services on illegally obtained numbers... that is the fraud: to deceive.. it is theft as the money in your account is what the bank owes you and are entitled to.. if you withdraw more than what the bank owes you, you must pay it back ie overdrawn accounts place you in debt and incur interest. no one can claim the money if they are identified, as in all cases: the money will be ordered to be paid back to the bank on equitable grounds; it would be unconscientious and unjust/inequitable to allow the person who 'overdrawed' their account to keep what is essentially the banks property..fr fraud would be you using someone elses atm card, and overdrawing that account because of the glitch in the system. you would be charged on 2 counts of fraud and theft. fraud provides heavier penalties given the concept of deceit.
  10. Legal Attorney's Training Log

    24/7/2012 for those who have followed my journal.. this is a comeback tour for the long run slipped l5 s1 disc from a 200kg deadlift with bad technique middle of 2011.. went from 95kg around 12% body fat to currently at 83kg at 9.5% body fat been a few months getting back into it.. today did power cleans 80kg x 5 80kg x 5 100kg x 5 100kg x 5 110 kg x 5 110kg x6 110kg x6 45kg dumbells flat bench for 10 110kg x6 45kg dumbells flat bench for 11 110kg x6 45kg flat bench dumbells for 10 110kg x6 plenty of 15 rep chin ups inbetween best front squat is 110kg for 5 for 5 sets back squat is 120kg for 5 reps for 5 sets best dumbells is 50kg for 5 reps for 6 sets.. plenty left in the tank bench is around 130kg for triples deadlifting 160kg for 5 reps 3 sets with shocking technique ie back round of the floor and hips straight up.. will back the weight off and work technique... All in All i am more stronger pound for pound.. not touching chest with bench every rep (arms reach parallel to floor) as per physios instructions (left shoulder impingment/downward external rotation of rear scap) not going below parallel with front squats and back squats when training heavy due to left hip twist when atg is attempted in the back and front squat.. reaching parallel and flying straight up, focusing on strong form, and core, no twists in the hip and perfect technique..
  11. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    talking about replacing.. maldonado needs a boot up the arse
  12. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    hamilton, perez, di resta, rosberg, hulkenberg.. any of those could step up.. the situation with f1 is now a lot of teams are signing for 1 year extensions based on performance.. i think many realise the days of one driver being able to consistently dominate the field for an entirety of years has come to a close... all of the drivers above to my knowledge are out of contract at the end of this season... look at di restas consistent good performances probably wanting a better team, hamiltons possible urge to want to compete against the red bulls/lotus and possibly drive for ferrari, ie he would want to challenge himself being better than alonso in his mind, and the rest speak for themselves. rosberg may want to jump ship given the schumi is giving him a good run for his money.. and may want to learn of Fernando..
  13. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    i think ferrari will win next years title if not this year... they manage to pull a car together which was doing shit all at the start of the year.. kudos to the maranello squad... webber should of switched i believe.. maybe in 2014?
  14. Cops vs Hoon - A Current Affair

    The context you wrote your question in implied i dribble shit. Yea i was being childish but i dont throw stones in a glass house either. i deal with morons on a weekly basis so i dont need to put up with it here. I do take insult to your "didnt insult you really" comment and what i do in making decisions in my personal life is none of your business. and since you seem to be a hero health insurance for yourself would be a smart idea. Insulting people you do not know is a really really dumb move.