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  1. Hi Guys Moving house and I need to sell this box which is in really good condition (80,000 ks). It was bought as a spare but not needed as another S15 auto box which I bought and fitted to my S13 has now done a further 100,000ks and hasn't missed a beat. So if someone needs a good auto box give me a call on 0447 663 504 or post reply. I took a pic but unable to upload. The box is in Isabella Plains. Cheers Ric
  2. Moving house and I need to sell an S15 auto box in very good condition. It was bought as a spare some time ago and has been under the work bench since. The seller said that he removed it from an S15 he bought that had 82,000Ks on it. If your interested give me a call on 0447 663 504 Ric
  3. Price : $50 Condition : Used Needed ASAP PS13 Silvia drivers side front indicator assembly complete with bulbs and connectors.

    Hi Guys S13 Silvia Front Drivers Side Indicator Assembly WTB Does anyone locally have tha above assembly for sale. Need one asap. One in good nick preferred. Cheers Ric ph. 6292 4300
  5. Knock and running shit after headgasket

    Hi Just wondering if your compression test was OK and there is fuel on two plugs the first thing I would check would be spark to those plugs. Cheers

    I think there is a mod that you can do to convert to LED illumination. Pretty sure it was here on ns.com somewhere. Try and search for it. seems a shame to buy a whole unit just for the bulb. As long it is 12V, it fits and the same wattage any bulb will do, you might need to get creative with the soldering iron. Jaycar would also be a good idea, or an auto electrician. Another option would be TAARK a member on here, he can source pretty much anything Nissan direct from japan. Thanks for your input. The bulbs in question (4) are very small 3mm dia. I had no success at Jaycar however RS components in Sydney sell a cheap T1 bulb' 12v and about 3mm dia with wire leads. I'm going to buy some of these and try to remove the existing bulbs from the plastic sockets and fit the RS ones. I'll see how it goes. Cheers Ric

    Thanks for getting back to me. I really don't need a working ACCU as I also have another one that works however its missing all the display illumination bulbs and thats what i'm after. Have tried to source them on the net with no success so far. My next try will be Jaycar in fyshwick. Thanks again Ric

    Hey Guys I'm looking for a non-working S13 digital air conditioner control unit - not the loom. If anyone has one lying around please let me know. Cheers Ric
  9. When I bought My 92 S13 I also obtained a copy of the Nissan Silvia 1988-92 handbook which is printed in New Zealand. The web site is www.jpnz.co.nz. On page 131 under specifications for the PS13 it clearly states that the SR20DET should use premium petrol while the other engine fitted to the PS13, the SR20DE, should use regular petrol which is 91 RON. As I stated previously I use Vortex 95 from my days when I owned starions. I just haven't tried the regular petrol as my S13 runs beautifully on the 95 RON. Cheers PS: The handbook states it is a reconstruction of the original Japanese version.
  10. Thanks for your reply however with all due respect your missing the point being made here. The main point of this issue was not the brand or brands of petrol being responsible for the cold starting stumbling but the RON of the petrol being used. SR20DE's should, as the PS13 handbook notes, be run on regular 91 RON petrol. I have always used Vortex 95 from my days when I owned mitsubishi starions, a JA and a JB and have never dropped back to regular fuel. The same PS13 handbook recommends premium petrol for the SR20DET. In my case, and it would appear from other DE owners that using 98 RON petrol can cause cold start issues. The proof for me was that the stumbling ceased when I returned to 95 RON. As I stated in my initial post I went through all fuel related components without fixing the problem - an unnecessary waste of time and money and was the extra cost of buying 98 RON petrol. Cheers
  11. Last September (2011) we did a trip to Yeppon in Queensland for a 3 weeks holiday. My wife kept a diary which included kilometres between filling up tank. The first fill at Dubbo the tank took 29 litres for 422 ks travelled. The next fill was Lightning Ridge when we left (stayed 2 nights and had a couple of days to fossick around. This time the tank took 30.1 litres and all up from Dubbo we had travelled 385 ks. The next fill up was St George and the tank took 17.9 litres for 243 ks travelled. I'll leave you to work out the lt/100ks. The economy around town (we use the S13 every day) is also excellent and is less than 10lt/100 ks. Hope these figures are of interest. Cheers
  12. Well lads I haven't replied to my topic for some time as I had some difficulty in accepting the suggested causes were likely culprits for the cold start issue. I now believe I have solved the problem and suggest to other sr20de owners that they first check that they or common driver(s) haven't changed the brand of fuel. Just prior to my cold start problem my wife changed from Woolies to Coles which meant I switched from Vortex 95 ( which I had been using for years without a hitch and excellent economy figures. I started to use Shell V power (98ron) and thats when the cold start issue surfaced when the remaining vortex was used up. This didn't happened next day but within a week I suppose so the effect of a change in fuel didn't immediately register. It was only when I returned to Vortex that the cold start stumbling finally disappeared and the car starts normally. So there you have it. Don't start replacing every fuel related component like I did until your sure a change in fuel hasn't happened to you. By the way the S13 handbook recommends using regular petrol (91ron). Cheers
  13. Thanks for your reply. Fuel economy for this engine has always been very good and I haven't noticed a recent change, although it might have and I will check that out. As you commented I'm now fairly certain its a sensor issue and will make some local inquiries re the OBX cable. I have a spare temp sensor and will, as a first move check values and swap sensors. The wife took the car our this morning so I went out to garage and turned engine over - two stumbles turned it off -turned over again - two stumbles turned it off - turned over again - started, idled normally. Did not touch pedal in this exercise. It is almost like it is a lack of initial fuel pressue but not from pump or filter as both have been changed and car runs normally for rest of day? I'll get to the bottom of this eventually. Thanks again.
  14. Hi I know there are numerous and varied posts on this issue - the engine stumbling on the first cold start and finally returning to normal idling and then starting and running normally for the rest of the day. This issue has just started recently on our 1992 S13 SR20DE auto and is perculiar because if I turn the stumbling engine off then try in 5 -10 minutes it starts first kick, goes to 1300 RPM and gradually down to 750 when warm. It runs and starts fine for the rest of the day and evening. I rebuilt this engine from bare block and it has done 65000ks without an issue. It is used every day and has been to rockhampton (2) and melbourne (2) ,I'm in Canberra. Has anyone that has had,have this issue actualy fixed this problem and knows exactly what was causing it? A lot of members offer their suggestions but I'm after the person who knows what causes this problem and was able to fix it for good. As a starting point, which has not fixed the problem, I have changed the fuel pump, all injectors, fuel filter and some vacuum hoses to no avail. I haven't removed as yet the IACV-FID and AAC unit as this was dismantled and cleaned when engine was built. The coolant temperature sensor has also not been removed as these parts are difficult to get at however if someone knows for certain that one of these parts is causing the problem then I would like to know. My apologies for being long winded but I would really like to fix this issue. Cheers
  15. Hi Would you please provide a quote for the supply of a S13 silvia ABS controller, part# 47600-39F00. I'm looking for a really nice unit from a low K's car with brake line fittings plugged on removal from car. Postage would be to Canberra. Cheers