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  1. Different diff oil

    Hey guys. Changed whatever diff oil was in my 2way to Redline heavy shockproof. It used to skip on tight turns but now it clunks and bangs around instead of a smooth skip. Is this harmful at all?
  2. Looking for excavation work. Melb

    Hey guys. Looking to get started or get a foot in the door in excavation. I don't have experience but I am genuinely keen to learn. Does anyone have any contacts or know of any companies that take on inexperienced people? Happy to start as a laborer with growth to an operator. Currently working but can start immediately. East Vic preferred.
  3. Nutrition critique

    Hey guys. I'm Ryan, 25 now. Been lifting on and off for a few years but only seriously for 1.5-2 years. Never really had a good nutrition plan until recently and trying to make the most of it as I've finally actually realised diet really does make the most difference. 25yo 6'3" 90kg @17%ish Currently leaning up. Diet is roughly as follows; 1: 1cup porridge 1 tablespoon natural honey 30g vanilla wpc 2. 250ml lite milk 60g wpi 3. 150g inghams chicken breast 100g mixed veggies 4. 250ml lite milk 60g wpi 5. 150g inghams chicken breast 100g mixed veggies 1,681 cals Maintain is 2500, only this low because clen. Off, I'll intake around 1900,2100 Macros; prots-207g carbs-129g fat- 37g This is the first time I've actually been counting macros and calories so cut me some slack if it's absolute shit. Looking for advice and help on what to add or remove, etc. Jumping up to 3000 cals to put some size back on in a month so would also appreciate what to add in to get to 3000 with good macros. Thanks guys.
  4. Tried researching but the general consensus was that nobody knows the actual ammount of Autech s15's were made. Does anyone know or has heard anything about it?
  5. HKS and other goodies! VIC

    R32 HKS cf bootlid - $350 HKS Super Drager diffback *genuine* - $120 R32 Uras(?) skirts - $100 R32 GTR/Gts4 castor arms - $50 Waaahhhpchhh BOV - $50 Z32 afm *brand new* copy - $100 S15 Cusco bolt-in half cage - $400 Ryan 0409 420 099 Ringwood, vic (EDIT) cbf editing photos to drop the size. Text me and i'll send photos if keen.
  6. VicDrift - DriftX

    Update on this. Apparently going to have a dyno there for power runs, etc. Drag strip is open to run 1/4s. Aaand a motherfcking jumping castle
  7. The modified/ aftermarket knuckle thread

    Piss of the spacer and lengthen LCA's Like Simon said. It changes the point of where the wheel pivots rather than a spacer giving it a wider sweep.
  8. wtb: White XD9's. VIC

    Wtb pair of white Work xd9's in 18x10+38 Victoria.
  9. Head unit for my sister.

    Hey guys. Need a little help of some head units to look at. This is for my sister and because I know f**k all and she knows even less, all help is appreciated. Looking for a touch screen, single din, fold/flip out HU. CD Bluetooth USB Handsfree calls For the most part she just wants a touch screen to scroll through music playlists easily (like swipe and slide). Single DIN only because it's in an Astra and only has a single space. Thanks guys.
  10. Head unit for my sister.

    Any others?
  11. Head unit for my sister.

    Cheers man I'll check em out
  12. Nutrition critique

    Been up at 3200 for a little bit now, still 200g protein but with only 2 scoops of whey a day. Macros are roughly 200g protein, 110g fat and around 250g carbs. Upped weight to 96kg and seem leaner also so it's working for me. Hitting 100kg then cutting
  13. Small photoshop please!

    Can someone please make the wheels on this car a vibrant/fluro purple.
  14. Nutrition critique

    The chicken I have, you oven cook with water in the pan. It is the most succulent oven chicken ever! Bumped up to 3000 last thursday but seemed it was way too high so backed off to 2700. I'll sit there for a week and see how much muscle/fat I put on. Trying for a lean bulk now. Aim is just to keep protein at 220+ and carbs up 250+ Found it super hard to go from 1600-2000 then jump up to 3000. Make myself sick trying to get in the extra 1000 cals at midnight,
  15. the Black Engine Bay Masters!

    280kw streeter. Only give away is the Z32 afm plug and there's only one cop I know who has any idea.
  16. Nutrition critique

    I alternate between porridge and a wholemeal muffin + avo for breaky. Will be throwing some olive oil in meals for cals when I bump it up. muffin + avo = 180 porridge + honey + wpc = 325
  17. Just Cause 2 is my second preference to GTA's. Highly recommended!
  18. Price : $1,200 Condition : Used For sale; Garrett gt3582R T3 flange Vband rear 4" inlet HPC coated rear housing Also has elbow on comp housing and vac nipple tapped in. The turbo itself is near new, no shaft play, no leaking seals, all fins are perfect. $1200 ono Victoria Ryan 0409 420 099
  19. What wheels are these?

    I have these wheels which are made in Japan but I have nfi what they are or who by.
  20. What wheels are these?

    haha of course. Nothing there except sizing and made in japan stamp.
  21. Price : $800 Condition : Used Enkei NT03 Genuine, rare 1st editions Discontinued Lightweight racing wheel (comes with original Enkei centre caps) 5x114.3 pcd 17x7+33 17x8+35 Good condition Shagged tyres $1000 Ono---------------------------------- PRICE DROP $800!! Vic 0409 420 099 I have seen many people chasing these and having no luck finding any and until recently, I didn't know how rare they were.
  22. What wheels are these?

  23. shit apprentices say/do

    You guys have drained this thread.