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  1. Hi everyone, After finally getting myself established in Aus, I've got a little bit more money to throw around and I've been thinking about importing a 1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX from the States. If a similar question has been brought up before, I apologize but I have no idea how to go about the whole process. Where should I start? This was my very first car. the car that I never should have sold, my old gsx: Sold it to him for 12k, and I'm currently trying to buy it back off him for closer to 16k.
  2. Intelligence

    Interesting topic. Intelligence without a specific context is a very general term. I'd define intelligence as the characteristic that enables someone to have a larger capacity to more deeply analyze, understand and interpret the mechanics, implications and nuances of their surroundings. An intelligent person can look at something he has no idea about, and through analysis and logic, gain an understanding of it's function. To some this is an innate ability rather than one that is earned. I consider myself an intelligent person,but it wasn't until I actually "worked on" being intelligent that anything truly came out of it. My gift was English, I've always been a talented writer and my weakness has always been math. I worked my ass off trying to become good at it and it worked. Intelligence can be gained, and if not intelligence then at least insight-fullness, which imo is equally as important. One of the thing's that I fear saying and absolutely hate saying is "I don't know", If i don't know something, I will learn. I learn, expand and deviate and that's something I just love doing. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Osama Bin Laden is dead

    About damn time.
  4. The Racist thread

    umm, what customs are you talking about exactly? i believe that in most cultures males will check out hot girlies.. what does googling her mean? if your problem with them is that they check out your hot girlfriend, i suggest either getting an uglier/fatter girlfriend, or learning to deal with it.. its what guys do.. seriously.. Re-phrase: When I say googling, I meaning sitting next to her, putting their faces within a foot of her chest and staring at her tits. She yells at them and tries to move away and they just follow and do it again, until she gets security. Tell me that's a custom here..
  5. The Racist thread

    Time to unleash the rage! Indians: I've tried to not hate a large portion of the Indians that fester in Sydney. Yes, some of them are hardworking,kind,down to earth people. MOST, that i've seen anyway are rude, dirty, arrogant, perverted pr!cks. The number of times that I've had to get in the face of Indian men who feel like staring at girls( sometimes underage) like they're pieces of meat is just insane. My mrs. can't go to a train station in Sydney without some f*cker googling her and I'm f*cking sick of it. I've had to refrain from dropping these idiots to the ground so many times now and I really really realllllly want to make an example out of one, really. Yeah, cool, you have your culture and your customs. Fine, at least try adhere to the customs and standards of the country you now live in. FU!
  6. Should drugs be legal?

    Yes, I've done drugs. No, they shouldn't be legalized. The worlds enough of a f**ked up place when they're hard to find.
  7. Education In America

    Couldn't agree with you more, my friend. There's a disturbing trend going on and I think this one's going to last. Each individual should push themselves to excel in something,hell..anything. Too many people choose to reach a comfort point, stagnate and as you put,"bask in ignorance". It's a sad day for mankind.
  8. Education In America

    lol: "How do you like dem apples?" Would you have done even better at the school she went to? It definitely would have looked a lot better on a college application if I did lol. But in all seriousness, the education at private schools is ridiculous. My school couldn't even afford gas for our bunsen burners. The Ex's private school brought in decommissioned NASA equipment for students to analyze. lol.
  9. Education In America

    EDIT: I feel that my uncle's story is quite relevant. He immigrated to the U.S. from the Philippines in the early 90's without even a high school education or a dollar in his pocket. Broke as shit, was living on the balcony of my aunts apartment, sleeping on the couch outside etc. He Worked 45+hours per week at "toys are us" to cover his high school equivocation program and then community college tuition fees. He went on to work his way into a California state university Science program, and after 10 years of working a shitty job and studying all night...he graduated with a PHD. He currently works for the Kaiser Permanente Medical Research labs as their chief microbiologist and makes well over $200k per year. That's the brighter side of capitalism.
  10. Education In America

    I got a pretty damn good education over there, and I went to an extremely underfunded school where kids from the heart of the ghetto were brought in by the truckload everyday. Ofcourse, there were those who chose to not take advantage of what little the school had to offer, and they got exactly what they earned. Nothing. Capitalism always has negative externalities such as this. If you're willing to get off your ass and work hard there's nothing stopping you from getting as good an education as any private school in America. ( i know this because I'm smarter than my ex who went to a private highschool that charged close to 30kUSD/semester.)lulz.
  11. Try balancing the US budget by 2030

    You pay the cost to be the boss.

    Wow. Taxing the industrys and households. The sh*t's going to hit the fan big time. *goes to smoke an already extremely overpriced cigarette*

    Man, I saw this coming a mile away. Rather than taking measures to prep. future Australia by providing Adequate infrastructure upgrades to cope with the rising population. Lets profiteer off this situation by taxing drivers further, thus creating a disincentive for people to drive and own cars. That's their ticket out of fixing what should I already be fixed. Just my 2 cents.
  14. What do you look like?

    Update: My fiance and I.
  15. It'll never pass, don't worry. America is one of the most vigilante countries in the world. Some redneck who can't live within net pron will drive his pickup truck into their building before they censor the net.