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  1. afm with apexi power fc? help.

    you have to run an afm unless its a power fc d jetro
  2. Gearbox Removal

    I usually put the box in upside down and then rotate it once its lined up though the clutch splines. Otherwise you'll need to loosen the engine mounts and jack the front of the engine.
  3. With that turbo go the bc 264 cams but degree them. Since your motor will be out to do the bearing it worth doing. As you said the 2876r isn't that great, however you should be able to pump mid 200s out of it fairly easily.
  4. 040 fuel pump issue

    I've had my walbro 255 for years. Back when I got it back in 07 the influx of fake pumps started to come in. That's why I think the Bosch 040 and 044 got most of the popularity. However the 255 fits like a stock pump. I have never had surging issues and its only just a little bit louder than stock. I'm not sure what power you're making but if its under 250 and on 98 octane I recommend a Walbro
  5. Do timing chains stretch?

    I had a similar problem and I suspected my chain was stretched. Went though the whole process of thinking of buying one of those endless chains that you can pop onto your old chain spend ages winding it though and linking it back together. However I went a genuine Nissan one with a new s15 tensioner. But when I took my old chain off and measured it to my new one it was around 1/2 a link longer. So yes they do stretch but in normal circumstances the tensioner will take the slack and it usually is fine. If you want to do it, it really is a motor out job unless you have heaps of patience and small hands. However the kit can be bought off ebay for really cheap. Less than $250 delivered and I got mine within the week. Also my cams degree much better with the new chain & tensioner.
  6. Fuuu I want a Nistune now. Why couldn't they have been popular when I bought my PFC.
  7. Coilover movement?

    Replace the shocks/strut

    Stick with the stock cam! It's been done before and literally only had gains of a 2-3kW
  9. Take the pin out and you should be able to push the pedal in and out without pressing the pushrod on the master. This will tell you if it's the pedal box, pushrod or plastic bushing
  10. I doubt it would be the belt as they usually don't skip teeth. However its a quick job just to pull the top timing over off, rotating the crank to tdc and making sure all the marks line up. By checking the timing I was suggesting to get a timing light on it and making sure the cas hasn't moved
  11. They butterflies wont cause this problem, however you can take the intake off and give them a clean if you would like. Go back to the basics and check timing fuel and spark. Also check and test for common problems like the AFM and also check the afm plug for broken/loose wires.
  12. It will most likely be the pushrod that's making the squeak not the pedal box
  13. Yeah you've got it pretty spot on. Adjust the length of the pushrod and that should help it engage closer to the floor. Greasing the bracket will help the squeak. I am not too sure if s15 have the clutch dampener loop. If it does remove it and if that doesn't help try a larger nismo slave cylinder.
  14. CAM info

    If you are going BC pay the extra and get them degreed in properly.
  15. Wow "perfect carpet" f**king holes in it.