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  1. First strike law to seize hoons' cars

    the real problem isn't even the ridiculous punishments its the ridiculously broad "hoon" law, that means anything from a moron in a commodore doing doughnuts in the middle of a busy intersection right down to an l-plater accidentally chirping first attempting a hill start can all be put under the hoon law and result in this crazy punishment, its one of the most open, broad laws out and we all know the cops target nicely modified cars with exhausts loud enough to fit into the hoon law more then the shitbombs that are one pot hole away from falling apart "drifting" the school zone at 3pm. long story short this wont lead to the real "hoons" facing any punishment that actually effects them
  2. id have to imagine the low gravity would be the biggest bonus for us, sure thered be alot of engineering issue to deal with for no gravity but im sure gravity causes enough issues thats theres a few things we could do there that we cant here or anywhere else with a decent gravity pull
  3. ye i never said it doesn't happen, it happens all the time because people need there jobs and are too scared to disrupt, im just saying that if shit goes down whilst your doing something you knew "wasn't right" just because your boss told you then your as legally responsible as your boss
  4. how big do they want this tax to be, the last number thrown around was 10% to match the gst...i think its ridiculous that the big shops like harvey norman think that applying one little tax is going to have us all delete our ebay accounts and go brick and mortar only the supposed tax's and markup applied to most items in stores of aus would still price items well above what internet stores+10% can offer not to mention the connivence and so off internet shopping its been said but the price isnt the only factor, its a massive one, but not the only one, convenience is the biggest for me, i can shop online for say a laptop i can see whats on offer then i can research the shit out of each product, find the best suited one then compare prices amongst any number of stores, with ratings for said stores built in usually, pick the best one again and click buy, it will turn up in a few days, job done 24/7, doing the same in brick and mortar requires a full day of going from shop to shop and either taking tiny little bulletpoint placards or dipshit sales people on their word or standing in each store with the phone out internet comparing, then being at the mercy of what stock is available all within the 9-5, such a freaking hassle. the only time i go into brick and mortar now really is when ive done the internet bit and found that through some miracle a physical store has a better offer, the hassle is reduced to drive in walk directly to item without making eye contact with any sales people lest an upsell ship attacks buy the item and head home even that adds the hassle of parking and traffic. now that i think about it im pretty sure some of this argument for the tax is that even the forward thinking companies who have built online infrastructures are suffering because being australian businesses they still have to pay tax where external ones dont, that does change the way i look at the argument but still, get a lawyer to drum up a foolproof offshore setup works for apple and google, mostly
  5. i doubt it would even be in any column, well until now anyway, now its going to be front and center with a dam ohs hardhat on matts whole argument seem to tetter on the incorrect fact that by continuing the prank beyond getting put though to Kate's ward nurse was going to, no matter what, end in tragedy and that by continuing it the DJs are now to blame despite in all other accounts (legally etc) being clean, but thats just not the case, this was a harmless prank to try and get to talk to someone in a building they weren't trying to get through to the nuclear launch station and goat a worker into firing one off, the prank was to get through to Kate's room with silly queen impersonations and then no doubt have that person go "hang on your not the queen" and hang up, laughs ensue, instead they got through, weren't called out, so they asked some questions and were general tool bags but yet still didn't get called on it so they ended it and had a laugh as you do in a prank, even the most disgruntled backwards ass burnt out risk manager wouldn't put suicide or any danger on that prank and if you seriously believe it should have been a risk factor then god help your kids they should stock up on boy-in-the-bubble bubbles now your right on the first count it wasnt the DJ's job to asses legally the prank at all but your so very very wrong on the second one if your boss tells you to do something and you dont think its right, for any reason, your LEGALLY required to say "hold up a minute no way", if you blindly do it your as responsible as your boss is for not saying no
  6. then exactly what type of responsibility are you talking about, you keep saying that at the core the djs are to blame, are the ones responsible but exactly what type of responsibility and therefore punishment are you talking about if not legal, in the grand scheme of things thats all that matters especially where a punishment is concerned, morally at their core pranks dont rank high and morally the djs feel like shit but that certainly isnt pleasing anyone, so what responsibility and outcome are you trying to say is just here...its seemingly not obvious from your previous posts
  7. wow matt id hate to live in your future, you are right that if the radio company decided to forgo some legal responsibilities regarding the call AND the dj's knew this AND then went to air with it anyway, then yes IF thats the case they are partially responsible, in the same manner a knife salesman is if he's told the buyer is going to off someone with 2 seconds after he buys it BUT thats not the case here (at least so we are told) the djs had every reason to believe everything was legally checked out, poor taste or whatever doesnt matter one bit, this was not a dangerous activity and it was legally vetted in the eyes of the DJ they have no responsibility (legally speaking) for the pranks outcome. you want the djs to be held responsible for the most far out unforeseeable outcome possible despite no legal rights to be held responsible
  8. ive always wondered how many accidents are caused by people being so bored at the current speed limits their minds wander or how many were caused by people so shit scared of our governments over bearing, revenue raising attitude towards speed that they watch the speedo more then the road, studies like these seem to prove that its a large amount as given the removal of those limits and ridiculous fine to be scared of people will travel at a speed they feel comfortable at whilst watching the road attentively resulting, in less crashes. i can see it working on the bigger multi lane highways on the mainland where people generally know how lanes work, make toss all difference in tassie where the biggest highway from north to south that would benefit from it most is still a shitly kept single lane highway, joy
  9. there some speculation that the radio company were supposed to get permission from the prankee before airing the call, they say the tried 5 times to get in contact with those involved but couldn't which is apparently enough to clear them legally to air the prank, IF and only IF this is not legal are the radio company and the DJ's to blame as they failed to follow legal guidelines. that aside though theres literally no blame to throw around it was a prank call, not a murder attempt, the prankee taking to suicide despite her kids, who were there at the time, speaks of deeper issue then some embarrassment over getting pranked.there should ahve been a simple apology, which came yesterday out of respect and story over not the lynch mob bs happening now also i find it ridiculously hard to believe the hospital had her back and there were no job threats or punishments planned, the hospital would have been shitting themselves six times over worrying about privacy laws and losing their top patients, like the royals.
  10. This so very much this, older androids sucked for "it just works" but get a newer android (ICS+) and ive found "it just works" better then any iphone ive ever met and stock feature wise theres more and they works better, data usage management and limiting for instance On the defensive front i think its a case of having to be defensive rather then moron-ish fanboy-ism with no facts behind it, there are so many rubbish "apple does this better then android", or the big one for me, "oh my idevice has this new feature" thats been in core android for years, style claims that gets thrown around with no facts to back it up and then whenever an android fan tries to point out, with facts, how android does it equal or better it gets fobbed of as fanboy dick sucking or met with "well they dont have "retina, *walk away*" it gets really frustrating, im not saying there arent moron fanboys in the android camp but im just saying it does feel like android fans have to get defensive and try to prove things otherwise the apple guys never get it... and thats apples big win their advertising is/was pure win cant argue with that google have all but relied on word of mouth, fail.
  11. Is there a future working in IT in Aus?

    the original topic has been discussed but i would like to add that imo the real benefit of a uni degree is the people you meet, i know that out of my graduating class well over half, myself included, got jobs with people they had met during the course mostly from the major project we do with a real world client (essentially a unpaid apprenticeship for a year) the connections you make there and the skills you display, assuming you have any, were to me far more worthy then the rest of the degree itself, as for the jobs on decline and outsourcing nonsense, i had 2 job offers at the end of my uni time, so the want for locals is there in spades, and if anyone is that worried about it just specialise in something heavy like DB management, cloud computing or anything at the deep core of infrastructure theres no way in hell any company is going to offshore the manangement of, arguably its most valuable asset (DB full of data)
  12. i was gonna say something pretty much what chappy said.. we are talking more about the ability to launch ground breaking life changing products then we are any of these companies withering and dying, all of the companies mentioned, apple included, have in there life time created a product that was the life changing thing of its time and have been able to live off that success whilst trying to release other products with the hope fo them being the same big thing. apple have under the helm of steve jobs being able to pull off a couple of monumental "IT" products rather then just the one singular one (microsoft>windows) or sony (smaller innovations in already thriving markets), wether or not they can keep that up without steve jobs is a good question. steve jobs's biggest skill was knowing how to package things for the mass market including final price and build quality which coupled with his borderline crazy attention to detail and definitely crazy methods of getting people to do what he wants, gave apple products that weren't necessarily new but were built and packaged in a way that made the previously existing versions look meagre and more importantly made them highly useable and sell like hotcakes, the ipod for instance was far from the first portable music player but it was the jobs's spin on the it that hit the right notes and made it what it is today. the chances of finding a guy like that again is pretty slim, the chances of a board of directors giving that guy any real power in a company are even slimmer. all any company with the resources needs is to find the right guy and then have the balls to let him do something like the ipod and of course have that something be a hit, apple is no exception, microsoft appear to be doing that with windows 8 but i doubt that will be the hit they're hoping for the key there is to not let that stop them trying, apple need to allow budding steve jobs a likes in the company to thrive and give them a chance. the best example i can think of for this is google and its 20% time, they let all there employees have a crack at a making the next big thing and theres been quite a few success storied come from it, no ipod level hits yet but at least the opportunity is there also i think your wrong about other industries being flat, more like just complacent, mining for instance the companies there have just been complacent digging the ground, why not dig the ground of another planet or an asteroid, that innovation is on its way but not from mining companies who have more then enough resources for it
  13. It is the cotton wool approach, they should be teaching tolerance, acceptance and thoughtfulness along with teaching about "being ok with who you are" and "everybody's different" and shit like that which applies to the whole planet not simply banning every word that could offend one singular group, where do you stop banning words if i create a lifestyle tomoro and its builds a following and i then say that my lifestyles "group" are offended by the word "hello" do schools then ban hello, what about pedo's im sure they are offended by being called that just because "they were born loving young children inappropriately" do we stop our students using the words pedo in a bad connotation??, its sounds ridiculous because it really is that ridiculous
  14. lawsuits in US bro... Yea exactly lets hope that level of stupid lawsuit crap doesnt reach here
  15. lol what a crock of shit, putting aside the whole PC protect everyone from everything BS and looking at this case in particular its ridiculous just on its own, the word gay on its own its already a partially slanderous word for homosexuals anyway originally it meant hedonistic, uninhibited lifestyles and frivolousness and showiness in dress and it certainly wasn't an accepted term by the gay community when it first was being used to describe them, but has been adopted as their word now (like nigger) so what now we should ban anyone from saying it? also this from wikipedia "In the Anglosphere, this connotation, among younger speakers, has a derisive meaning equivalent to rubbish or stupid (as in "That's so gay."). In this use, the word does not mean "homosexual", so it can be used, for example, to refer to an inanimate object or abstract concept of which one disapproves", using gay in that term has nothing to do with actual gay people its just the same word with a different meaning typical over reactive PC society BS imo, a similar thing is happening with allergies, not sure if it happens here but in the US they now ban things like peanuts from the entire school if one single kid comes along who allergic, the entire school for one kid!