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  1. things that annoy you

    + 1 to this. had a post office worker tell me i had to wait for them to get enough parcels to make their trip worthwhile coming out my way. thanks aus post i have to wait extra time because you guys are tight asses.
  2. i still have a stack of HT stickers at home ill bring em down. sadly no NS stickers im sure someone else can get a hold of some
  3. i remember that EVLR34 crash. pretty sure that and another huge wrx crash a few weeks after is what caused all the new hoon laws to start up. i still have the newspaper article somewhere on the 34. kid who took the car should be hung though.
  4. dooo ittt ahmie!!! im keen as
  5. sorens and walters out at terrigal/wombi man they always manage to get me a few grand back every year so couldnt reccomend them enough
  6. things that annoy you

    hate it when you walk into a bottle shop with a mate and at the checkout the person asks for your id and not the mate who is buyin the booze. then makes you run out to the car to grab it other wise ur mate cant have his drink.... f**k you lady!
  7. things that annoy you

    ahahahah i know so many people who do this.
  8. Incorrect data usage with Telstra?

    have the same problem!! some days ill just open facebook on my phone and it will send me a txt instantly telling me ive used all my data. the page doesnt even load.
  9. things that annoy you

    someone following me last night with the brightest fking fog lights, directed straight up, serioulsy worse then high beams, *enchilada's*. those r the worst... because u high beam the f**kwits back and then their switch their high+fog lights + wat ever other bogan spotlight they can bolt to their bullbar back at you. feel like carrying a bb gun around jus to shoot spot lights out on cars ahahahah
  10. things that annoy you

    people who leave their high beams on untill the very last second before they pass you then just as they pass they switch them off... f**kwits i was going blind 100m ago when u drove around the corner do u think switching them off for the last 5m will save my eye sight!
  11. Fitness First selling Aus gyms

    the PT's have to pay rent per week yes
  12. thanks mate glad u had a good time. your s15 was so clean loved it hey. we are making plans for the next one now. i will let everyone know asap
  13. thanks to everyone who came i hope every one had a good time i was pretty happy with how it went but im keen to hear the feedback from you guys good or bad i dont mind because it all goes to improving the next class. we are already planning the next class and will let everyone know the details as soon as its finalised
  14. ^^ that sucks mate. dont stress next class wont be far off at all.
  15. here is a map for the guys comin tonight. if anyone has trouble finding the place just gie the shop a buzz on 94762877 see you all there at 6.30