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  1. The SBC -ID III Spec R Boost Controller removed from working car never had an issue. parting out car $350 best to contact on 0431 168 465 as i dont check the forum often. Kon.
  2. For Sale is my Golf GT Sports diesel DSG Auto. It has 124,XXX kms on the clock and has just had major service which includes timing belt change. Great fuel economy with 900km per tank roughly 4lt/100 comes with 11 months rego exp may 2016 18" factory wheels http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Volkswagen-Golf-2008/SSE-AD-3465509
  3. For sale S13 Greddy Plenum with throttlebody in crinkle black $650 Kelway sr20 steampipe manifold t2 external gate $400 for more picture or information call kon on 0431 168 465 located in east keilor
  4. Price : $150 Condition : Used s15 fog lights $150 brand new defi BF water temp gauge $150 s15 boot (white) had drift wing on it, straight but suit respray $20 for pictures sms kon 0431 168 465
  5. Price : $250 Condition : Used s15 dash $250, jdm cluster $100, center consol $20, fog lights $150
  6. Hi guys i need some help with putting in my power fc, i need to know where to splice the two wires coming from the the blue air temp sensor that comes with the power fc jetro (car is jdm s15) all i could find on the internet is that the brown wire goes to ground and the the other one goes to pin #26 (which this write up was for s13 sr20) which i think will be different, anyways on the s13 ecu pin #26 is exhaust temp sensor and #26 on s15 ecu is empty?? just need to know where to splice the last wire, cheers guys.
  7. thanks mate! i had a rough look i found r33 in s13 but nothing on s15 only r32gtr ends
  8. no sh!t?? because i have a kaaz 2way i wanted to put in which already in an s15 diff housing, will that bolt up or can i get the 2way center and put it in the gtr housing?
  9. hey all i know its common to upgrade 180sx/s13 ass ends to r32 gtr, but i was wondering is it possible to put it an r33 gtr ass end in my s15 ive got a complete ass end sitting here doing nothing including front/rear brakes hubs diff shafts everything
  10. New impound laws

    question smokey besides the fines for hooning or whatever you get pick up for does anyone have any idea what the bill would be from the impound yard for keep your car there for 30 days thats got to run up in the thousands for sure. i just love how the goverment thinks up new ways to make money and ream drivers and yet not a single cent gets spent on fixing this state, the other day i read an article in the herald sun saying theres a loop whole for guns they cant charge a murder with using the weapon because the serial number was removed. so as a state we focus on making the road rules soo harsh and tight that soon if ur caught 10km.h over the lmiit u'll be doing hard time yet nothing to get the criminal scum /drug dealers off our streets that is an even bigger threat to socienty just look at the recent shooting in glenroy....disapointing
  11. hey guys i want to put a 2way diff in my s15 ive got an rb25 gearbox in there, i heard its a good idea to change to a r33 diff for better ratio's? my questions i when shopping for a diff should i get one to suit s15 or r33? i got my eye on a kazz or nismo 2 way direct bolt in for s15
  12. hey guys brought a vertex kit the seller claims in original fiber glass is there anyway to tell if it is genuine should it say vertex usa somewhere, just want to make sure before i pay for it cheers
  13. 170pc socket set $50.

    if anyones interested i picked up at set at mire10 chelsea heights for $50 duno if its the same one but plenty there boys
  14. Macleod

    nah didnt expect to get away with it i only hav mine to keep the neighbours happy wen i come home or for long drives
  15. Macleod

    did you get these fines on the spot? or should i be expecting something in the mail? mail mine came next day