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  1. Hell yea just rock up and start doing skids
  2. General chit chat thread!

    Eagles is fun but you really need to cut some laps and go, the locals arn't fond of riders
  3. Hotline Miami

    Anyone else playing this indie game Its a top down (original GTA style) tactical shooter with a strategy element The game punishes hesitation, keeps the game play intense and the soundtrack is amazing Definitely worth $10 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2n_BinoS1Ug
  4. General chit chat thread!

    It was good to see Ant West on the podium in moto 2
  5. General chit chat thread!

    Awsome I hated that bump, that corner should be 30-40km/h faster now, I will have to hit up BC this week
  6. Borderlands 2!

    so tempted to unlock with a vpn
  7. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Pretty sure theres no penalty being handed down for the maps they ran but other teams could protest after the race
  8. Formula 1 Discussion Topic

    Personally don't. The times I have there hasn't really been enough overtake's to make it interesting for me. Love watching the Isle of man events. Otherwise just find it boring. Only reason I'm watching F1 this year is because there's been so much competition/overtaking for points and podiums. Moto 2 is great this year, several races decided on the last lap 4/5 race leaders per race ect
  9. DIABLO 3!

    Just made it to inferno, getting one shot everywhere
  10. DIABLO 3!

    YAY, CTL V, Error 37, repeat
  11. DIABLO 3!

    anyone know where you can still get CE for D3? seems to be sold out everywhere
  12. As soon as they hit pedestrians, their not just trying to get away they seriously endangered other members of the public, its unfortunate the kid was 14 but they did the right thing
  13. bigger bike is usually more stable at speed especially in heavy wind or at 150+, unless your tiny you wont have any trouble moving it at slow speeds a cruiser in general has a lot less power then a sports bike as well if you were getting a sports or naked bike then i recommend cb400, cbr250, sv650 ect i recommend getting your l's and having a ride on your dad's and see what you think and decide whether you can put up with that amount of power for a year
  14. if your going to get a cruiser make sure you get a 660cc because your going to want as much torque as you can get for cruising its more likely to be stable at high speeds than a 250cc, sports bikes are where it at though
  15. she would most likely leave her name and number as a witness