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  1. $1100 a steal for a quality, strong and good looking wheel!
  2. No longer need these awsome tough wheels since going to 5 stud. Well used but structurally sound. Slight dint to inside of 1 rim but has held air since 2007. and a bit of gravel rash. Comes with centre caps and two sets of the special nuts to be used with these wheels.(and tool) No tyres included Looking for $1200. not intrested in posting. located GC but travel to Brisbane frequently
  3. Not the best week end at all. Got 2nd in 4WD but lunched my gear box in the evo so two broken cars Mase: I.m looking at what options i have in repairing this shell It really only needs a single coil over or standard shock, lower control arm, tie rod iner and outer and that will get it rollable then i can get a few panel beaters to look at repairing the floor then ill tie every thing together with a weld in cage. other options is another 180sx shell gut it, weld in a cage and transfeer my drive line it to it. I needed to replace the suspension no matter which way i go so not that big a loss there alternatvly I'm looking out for a S15 rolling shell as it will allready have the 5 stud , bigger brakes and better standard suspension geometry and again gut it out roll cage, suspension and put my drive line in that. But i really need to cost it up not only in parts but the work thats going to be needed to make things fit. ive found a 180 shell for $100 and a S14a for $50 but missing parts and ive found a Ca18 180sx for $1000 thats in good working order and can sell of the Ca and gear box to a matsuri drifter or something to recoupe the cost. Oh and a big thanks to GK tech with the sump guard i luckly re-installed just an hour before the incident that allowed the car to slide on the plate and not take the bottom of my cast ali sump off and distroy the15K of engine above
  4. Not the best start to the weekend on my first practice run found out the hard way that cold old slicks arnt the best for hillclimbing. got light over a crest and was a passenger in to an awaiting rock wall, tore the front left wheel off broke lower control arm and the coil over clear off amazingly my Goodridge Braided Brake lines was able to retain the wheel unfortanatly under my car and through my floor. Did'nt feel too bad when the current Austrailan Hill Climb Champion did the same thing an hour latter to what would be a +$200K mclaren powered missile. They have allowed me to change to my Evo so hopefully a more eventfull weekend to come
  5. He guys just letting you all know that i'm competing in this weekends Australian hill climb championships this weekend. I havnt had the 180 out here for about 4 years so will be intresting with my new fresh motor and more power. The fastest hill climb cars in the country will be battling it out and ill be pursuing fastest tin top but will not come easy. If you can only do one day sunday is the day when the open wheel formula cars will be driving like mad man with between $4200-$5200 up for grabs for the fastest outright they will be driving for sheep stations! Troy http://www.mgccq.org.au/entry.htm you can access the entry list here.
  6. Nissan Silvia nationals?

    There is actualy a Nissan Datsun Nationals that are held over the easter weekend every two years, Consits of a Track day and show & shine Up to 100 cars in the sprints and around the 200 for the show and shine maybe more, Most of the attention goes to the show and shine but the sprints are still highly contested. Mostly run by Zcar clubs around austraila with some great tracks used and many doing the interstate travel Most of the field are zed cars ranging from the old 240 and 260Z through to the modern 300z which make up a large part of the feild and a few 350 and 370Z now making aperances. In the past few years more and more non Zcars like Sylines 1600's and silvias including myself have been attending. The next one is to be held over the easter weekend of 2015 and i will be attending again. Over the previous years i have attended fastest outright has been taken out by non Zed cars. 2009 Morgan park QLD Mark Berry in the first official event the R34 attended (I Placed 4th after catching on fire on the friday practice session and after cutting out and replacing my looms could not get the boost controler to work so 12psi for me was the best i could net) 2011 Wakefield Park NSW Me in my 180sx. first time at wakefield and had a high speed off on the first corner pulling the tyre off the bead but got it back on and 60psi of air to hold the bead in, bit skatey but enough to hold off the race prepped z cars and 1600's and lucky for me john Penlington in his 300zx (Slot car) had a engine issue that side lined him) 2013 Phillip Island VIC Luke Youlden in a R33 GTR. i didnt get to attend the event as my engine was getting rebuilt but would have been a good 5-7sec off the pace of Luke going on the times of my nearest rivals from 2011. It's a good event but maybe a bit old school for most as there is still a very Zcar feel, Drifting is highly fronded apon and Mark Berry was asked to stop drifting as he had not got the centre diff sorted and was not feeding enough power to the front and leaving 11's on to the front streight of Moragn park. On the flip side Evolution OZ run a yearly nationals and is a lot younger crowd, not so much show and shine more time attack style on track and a Hill climb event. This year will be the first year i attend and will be doing Lakeside on the Saturday and Mount Cotton hill climb on the sunday. I'm prety sure BOZMAN has attended a few before. Unlike normal CAMS events where the classes are by capacity the classes are based on modifications as obviously all the evo's would be in just two classes under 2l and stroked monsters like Nemo and the likes. So there is a class for every one Both events require a lot of behind the scenes work to get up and running with track securing, Venues for welcome drinks & Presentation dinners, entries forms regulations licences event permits and collecting money as well as mechindise like shirts hats bags key chains then of course tropheys as well as possibly many other things. Silvia Nationals is a good concept and i think would get a good attendance but it needs to be special not just a track day like any other sunday to encorage interstate entires and faster end of the scene to attend, and being Silvia a drifting componet would be critical to most Evo Oz are putting all the ground work in over a bit over 6months and zed cars use nearly the full two years and entries go out 6 months before to secure funds for the event. I for sure would attend if an event was to get off the ground Troy
  7. Some results would be great! Was an awsome day, and i finally finished a hardtuned event with my car in one peice, well sort of. Had a tyre egg up and was no longer square was rounded like a ballon. swapped tyres then went from a 1:02 to a 1:01.4 which i think was the fastest lap of the day. Just one gripe is the spacing of the cars did not seem to work again for a few groups. I think it would be best seeding the cars after a timmed practice session in the morning then run on to the track nose to tail. if every one warms up on the out lap gives a few car lengths at the start of there flying laps the gaps will just keep increasing and the first car will not catch the last car. i was backing up one to two cars on the out lap and still overtaking one or two cars before my final timed lap. The open session in the afternoon was probably my favorite, and gave me a chance to test out my braking systems capability, (carrying on a discussion in the last events topic in regards to brake fade.) I did 20 laps back to back before reaching 1/4 tank before having a pop of fuel surge came in to the pits and put another 20ltrs in and got another 15 laps before my brakes and tyres fell away. all the laps were in the 1:02- 1:03 range with braking from 160kmh (speedo says 170+kmh gps says 156kmh down to 70kmh on the back sweeper in to the hairpin on every lap. i deleminated my front left tyre and had approx 3mm left on my pads on the front (allready very worn QFM A1rms from GSL rally sport/ Brakes direct) but it was the fluid that failed all up i completed 73 laps on my lap timer including the cruise sessions. I feel a 5 hot laps as apose to 3 would be great idea as most take a few laps to build confidence in the car though the sweeper. In all it was good day and lived up to Loz's claim as to more track time then other events! well for those that hung around for the afternoon anyway.
  8. Help me pick my next upgrade

    I said diff. i went to a nismo 2 way in my 180sx and completly changed the car. So much more drive out of the corners and more predicatable kick out of the rear if your heavy on the gas. Puts a bit more push understeer on hillclimbs and street sprints if you warm the rears and your fronts are stone cold I'm running old justjap g4 coil overs and standard brake size (DBA 4000 and Porterfield pads) and do 59's at lakeside with no sign of fade and am usally quite competitive at other events. including the street sprints your getting in to. more time on track is really the greater improvment to any weekend racer
  9. The fastest time i can find is Warrick Hutchinson in a Rotary powered Van diemen open wheel hillclimb car. A 57.24 with gear selection issues This thing is a bullet has won most of the QLD hillclimb events over the last year or two. rumered to have a 1:1 hp to kg power ratio and is one of the top ten fastest Hillclimb cars in the country.
  10. Congrats Cal and Stew you guys were flying! sticking it to the high Hp skylines and purpose built 997 Thanks Loz and Every one that worked through out the day to keep the cars moving and the tunes pumping 2 hardtuned days and 2 broken cars Evo goes in to find out what i hope is a broken diff mount and not inside the diff's. a lot of loud unsettling bangs and clunks during my last runs The 180sx is still off the track since the motorkhana/QR Sprints day back in August. turned out i had an engine assembly/clearence issue that caused all bearing to fail and fragments enter the oil system taking everything else with it. Cams, Turbo etc,etc. should have it back on the track by Xmas, not in a real hurry Hopefully i have some better luck next time.
  11. Loz is there any chance you can answer harry's question? I have already entered, Just would like to have an idea also as to which tyres i will use and quantity of fuel ill need if we are getting full open sessions or 3 lap sprints like Harry mentioned? I won't be drifting the Evo don't like it much Thanks Troy
  12. EOI - QR Sprint day

    Mate you will find what Callam is saying is that its a lot of work on you for no return or being screwed over. In regards to a "club event" you will find if you have a group of say ten same marque cars QR can if requested group you together so there would only be NS/HT cars together on the track. if you get 20 cars you split the faster cars they do this with the Excels and MX5 at times at lakeside. In regards to cars over heating ect ect this is something most tracks in Australia has identified as a issue with most road cars running in to over heating or tyre issues after a few laps. Street sprint now only do 4 laps were open are doing 6 or 15-20min sessions. this has reduced the failure rate and equals more people going home happy with there car and self in one piece. Its great that you go to the effort of organising these events but why take the risk yourself when QR can do that for you if 5 people don’t turn up you or those that turn up need to find another $750-$1200 say. that’s not fair on you or those that do the right thing! I think a "Club event" is a great idea and i would attend but there is no need to reinvent the wheel
  13. Better time attack/hill climbing Drivetrain

    Another example of AWD over RWD Noosa Hillclimb EVO 6RS 196KW on 225 slicks 61.74 180sx 210kw on 225 supersoft wets 63.94 So 2.2 sec diffrence. EVO 23.31 28.36 10.07 61.74 180sx 24.36 29.11 10.47 63.94 you can see from the splits that the evo is a secound quicker to the 4th corner and almost another to the 8th corner but throught the fast section at the top of the hill the 180 nearly level pegs again up hill inclined start line with damp conditions and generally no normal traffic so no rubber to aid it getting of the line. the evo was much faster to the first corner. no matter how soft i launched the 180 would just spin up. But with the sunday morning rain i was very timid with the evo but having a ball in the 180sx. Much more fun to drive