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  1. oh bollocks. Courier would get boring fast. "pickup from a. Drive a bit. DRop at b. get lost at any stage. Go home with sore back. sleep. repeat". I reckon... any of the emerg services. Police, fire, ambulance, SES, CFS, etc.
  2. Fitting 17x9.5s +18 all around

    If you must do it though, youtube guard rolling for some techniques. Pretty clearly illustrated.
  3. I had 3 optima's fail on me in various vehicles, but all were replaced no questions. Current ones been going 2 years, recently used it to start a car in sub-zero temps after being left about 3 months on the shelf no worries.
  4. You can get a dry cell but you still need a sealed, but externally vented box.
  5. Preventing Rotors from rusting.

    get breathable car cover. A plastic one will trap moisture under it. Best thing i've seen is essentially a giant bag you drive into, hook up to your home vacuum cleaner, and suck all the air out. Shrink wraps the car. Kills alll bugs/insects etc as well
  6. Shifter

    sorry if i wasnt clear but yes, its a short shifter.
  7. fto gpx

    Soo....whats a s13 DE, or a varietta?
  8. Water in S15 headlight

    Its just condensation. Should be a drain in the factory lights somewhere if its not a sealed unit. Check its not clogged.
  9. Shifter

    I think you answered your own question. Unless you seriously think cars came out factory with tomei parts. But yersh, short shift. 4 bolts?
  10. Preventing Rotors from rusting.

    Theres moisture in the air. Plenty, depending on wwhere you live.
  11. Spark Plug question!

    other way around, bkr's for RB's. IF your not sure look up the code on the sticker of the car itself.
  12. hang on , that guy went from 4066 up to nealy 4500 in a feww hours. I call bullshit.
  13. s14 turbo manifolds

    What power level are you looking to run? Stock ones apparently pretty good for a daily, loww dowwn response etc. Get it ceramic coated etc.
  14. hmm. year ago shan dog was trying to low ball a $7k prelude with a trade in... Power to him. Must have hit the lottery.
  15. Nurses becoming hookers

    Lol i bet some work 2 jobs. Wouldn't even need to get changed.