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  1. Price : $2,000 Condition : Used Thinking of converting my car back to stock. Package consists of: JP60B Turbo 0.86 AR rear housing (Bought brand new from APS before they went bust, was told its from their Silvia kits) Tial MV-S external wastegate mounted on the exhaust housing Z32 AFM Aus Injection 1000cc sidefeed injectors Nistune tuned by Dr Drift, made 228.7rwkw on RE Customs dyno Tuned on E85 pushing 20psi. Video: So you pretty much have everything needed. All parts were brought brand new. Z32 AFM is year old. Everything else is less than 6 months old. Looking at converting my car back to stock, so would need turbo and the ecu. I already have the injectors and afm. Price: $2000 + turbo + ecu.
  2. 1994 S14 200SX - $9,500

    Make : NISSAN SILVIA Transmission : Kilometres : 168000 Price : $9,500 Condition : Used PRICE DROP! Have owned the car for just under 2 years. Bought off a female owner. All mods, bar coil overs and exhaust have been done while I've had it. Engine has done ~167,000km. Serviced every 5000km. Comp tested a couple of weeks ago, and read 140psi +- 2psi across board Car has made ~215rwkw (waiting for dyno sheet) on 20psi running on E85. Tuned by Dr Drift If worried about the availability of E85, was quoted about $400 to retune the car back to 98RON. Threw the car on the dyno today, 13 Apr, made 228.7rwkw! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TdOzmvawZM0&feature=youtu.be Engine: GK Tech Rocker Arm Stoppers APS Front Mount Intercooler (no holes) GSS-341 Walbro intank pump Relay directly wired to fuel pump and coil packs APS turbo (JP60B), 0.86 AR rear housing Earls Braided turbo lines Tial MV-S mounted on the exhaust housing by Leigh at Extreme Turbo Manifolds AUS Injection 1000cc sidefeed injectors Z32 AFM in cooler piping Unknow 3' turbo back exhaust Magnaflow rear muffler Driveline: HKS Hyper D Nismo Power Brace II PBM front Caster Rods SPL Pro (Titanium!) Rear Upper Control Arms SPL Pro Rear Toe Arms Midnight Mods Subframe Risers Rear Whiteline 22mm blade adjustable sway bar 2005 Mazda 3 rear sway bar links used on the front (see here; http://www.nissansil...dpost&p=6229920) Superpro urethane front sway bar bushes RDA Slotted front and rear rotors EBC Green Stuff front pads EBC Red Stuff rear pads HEL Braided brake lines Clutch damper box removed GK Tech tie rod end lock spacers Interior: Relatively clean, a few chips on top of the dash Brand new radio surround Autometer 2 1/6" boost gauge on steering column Exterior: Greddy Gracer front lip R32 GTS-t rims sprayed gun metal grey Clear corners No rust No damage Comes with 12 months of rego No RWC
  3. For those running on E85 with a nistune, have you disconnected the O2 sensor? I can vaguely remember reading that someone had written up a code for the nistune to be able to utilize the O2 sensor with E85. They posted it up on the nistune forums IIRC. Car is going in for a touch-up tune, and ideally would love to have the O2 plugged in. Not so much for fuel economy, just annoying the part throttle jittering and drivability. Cheers guys. Jovi
  4. 98 BP or E85

    No offense, but I paid half of that for mine.
  5. 98 BP or E85

    You can get 1000cc sidefeed injectors that sit in your standard fuel rail. I'm running ones from the states, from Aus Injection.
  6. Cheers guys. Where could I get the adapter from?
  7. Daily driving on E85?!

    I daily my S14 on E85. I'm in Dandenong and fill up at United. Unlike Caltex, United is a constant E85, no matter what the season. I'm making about 220rwkw and get ~300km for 3/4 tank. I used to get about 450km per 3/4 tank on 98 with about 160rwkw. I never let it get under a 1/4, even when it was on 98. We have plenty of United servo's in our area. http://www.unitedpet...cator/fuels/E85
  8. SRD-180 drift car

    + 1
  9. S Fort, great work. To update this, the Mazda 3 links fit like a glove. I finally got around to putting mine in, they went in with a nismo power brace and some urethane d bushes which has really tightened up the front end. Moral of the story...2005 Mazda 3 rear sway bar links...git some!
  10. External Waste Gate Fab

    What was the damage?
  11. Need someone to mount a tial mv-s gate to the rear housing of the turbo, and then fab up a screamer pipe. Any recommendations. Don't want to mount it off the manifold. Stealth is the key. Thanks Jovi
  12. Hi, admittedly don't know much in regards to diffs. Stock S14 will be shimmed soon, and will look into a 1.5 way down the road. Asking does the Greddy Diff Cover do much as far as prolonging the life of the diff/help with heat dissipation, and is it a worthy upgrade over the stock unit. (I know that the S14 cover is used for S13s). Could it be used once I throw in a 1.5 way? Thanks guys Jovi
  13. Pads for S15?

    Castrol SRF
  14. Bleeding Clutch

    I removed mine just recently. Pedal much firmer, feel a lot more direct to the clutch. Can feel the grabbing point. Not too harsh to drive with. All in all a great free mod.