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  1. Hummer H3 coming to Oz

    i reckon looks ok but not practical at all.
  2. Drift Australia Perth

    the autosalon chrome car looks hot.
  3. The Clear Wheel

    looks pimp. imagine it on a black merc
  4. Melbourne Storm muscle men

    did someone say raiders? clearly u didnt see the trail game they lost on the weekend to a club side
  5. Private sales

    yea just on a piece of paper with all the details like vin number licence plate etc and the persons licence details
  6. Private sales

    a cheque is considered as cash. cancel the cheque if they pull the shifty. plus get them to sign a reciept with all the cars details plus the sellers licence details
  7. Pumping Iron

    look on ebay its there
  8. For white S15 lovers

    i can drift better in my mums car...... hmm..
  9. Any good experiences with an arm program

    i have the same problem my right arm is smaller than my left and as a result i feel it affects my other exercises such as bench and seated row. this may just be my mind playing tricks on me. i put it down to preacher curls. which i no longer do i only use db's hopefully that will fix it
  10. new HOLFORD motors DRIFTAUSTRALIA car

    nice very nice!
  11. delete

    i used to get it as well i was told its because i was standing up too quickly and the blood needs to catch up to your head. Mine has stopped tho. i think the yellow wiggle had a similar problem.
  12. Sylvester 'Sly' Stallone

    i read a news report that the people in his group were throwing stuff out the windows when they were raided. would there be so much trouble for roids? Could it more likely be something a bit more serious? just a side note wasnt lord of the rings made in New Zealand?
  13. V35 skyline with R34 tail lights

    that looks hot. nissan should make them stock.
  14. so my car is finally finished

    thats really nice man good work
  15. funny *milkshake*

    hahaha mad avatar