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  1. Nokia Lumia 920, anyone got one?

    I am most impressed with the Camera, as HTC and I phones still struggle in low light, but with a Carl Zeiss lens it is from all accounts much stronger than other phones in this area. The drawback at this stage is lack of mainstream apps available for i phones and android though. Amazing you can't change the ring tone though?
  2. Skateboard Thread?

    and yes, 411VM, haha used to love those things.
  3. Skateboard Thread?

    Thanks for the online shop tips guys! I'm just getting in to skating again at 30! I'm no good, but its great fun and love having a muck around. Will buy a new setup this week i hope. I found an epic old interview that Tony Hawk did in the mid 90s on VHS the other day. I couldn'l find it on youtube so uploaded it for he world to see and hear his wisdom! Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0KY702ur_8
  4. Do we live in a Computer Simulation?

    I had a good old chuckle at this thread cheers!
  5. Calder Park Raceway shutting for good?

    and re developing AIR
  6. I just looked this up for clarification ''Trick or Treat" a request by children on Halloween; they pass from door to door asking for goodies and threatening to play tricks on those who refuse. Should I stock up with lollies just in preparation for this event or would they accept a packet of BBQ shapes cos they are 2 for $4 at safeway. lol. It seems so unnatural to me and a forced 'community' spirit attempt when kids just come up being led by their parents and look at you weird and scared and say 'trick or treat' with no comprehension of why they are saying it apart from their parents telling them to say it and reinforcing a belief that they get what they want if they ask for it. Some just put out their bag in front of you without saying anything and look at you expectantly. There seems to be a disconnect somewhere. And threatening to play a trick on you if you don't comply. Sounds like a sound moral principle to be teaching kids to me. lol Of course it is pushed by companies and marketing and organisations etc because it is good for business. Japan has pushed strongly with Halloween from a product sense as an excuse for more economic stimulus for the masses to observe and spend on. There is not much in the way of trick or treating in Japan however. America started the tradition and it is Halloween parties and from my friends who lived there is an incredible experience, parties in the streets etc. I'm all for kids dressing up don't get me wrong, I know I sound like a Halloween Grinch, it is fun for parents and kids alike to see kids out and about, and fundamentally there is potential somehow with Halloween, and we need a return to community based values but I just don't think the format is quite right.
  7. I wish I could delete the passion. I wouldn't miss it if I didn't understand it at all. Tennis or something would have been a lot cheaper and I would be in a much better position financially.
  8. dammit Daz I didn;t know this happened. sorry to hear Slam the Insurance company Daz. It should be up to them to be doing that work to get the other guys insurance details etc adn legal bills associated with that. TBH the only thing left to do is write him a letter, explaining the hardship you and your family have had with this situation. Worst case no reply, medium case he says sorry via a letter and if the personal reality of your situation hits him, the best case is he gets emotional, gives up that he has $12,500 buried under his lemon tree or a small sailing boat at lorne or something. Anyway I hope yo can get even some small break at the tail end of this story, a win for the guy in the right. All the best mate
  9. What a weekend for the Supreme Caravans Drift Attack 2012! A tyre destroying, wall running, challenging course provided so many highlights and some truly amazing battles! 3-4 laps per tyre set some drivers were mentioning! Drift Attack Pro Class Results!: 1st Paraskevas 2nd Abbot 3rd Pidwell 4th Schembri Drift Attack Street Class Results!: 1st Power 2nd Swingler 3rd Incorvaja 4th Jones Final results for round 3 of the GKTech Championship: 1st Place: James Abbott 2nd Place: Andreas Paraskevas 3: Leigh Pidwell Congratulations to all drivers and an extra congrats to Aggess for taking out the championship! Congrats to all who helped make it happen, those who came from interstate and those who came to watch to support the event. Full review up soon! How did everyone enjoy it?

    As above, awesome build I enjoy reading it. For me, the only thing is that bull bar is pretty full on and as above may not do any crumpling. Everyone is doing these front end setups it seems (although this is perhaps the most serious I have seen), but standard front ends are designed to crumple so energy is absorbed so it is safer for you, the rest of your chassis and anyone else you hit. If your bull bar collided with a door of another car in a t bone, it would be a lot more serious result for the recipient of a t bone hit than if your car was standard.
  11. August Ebisu Matsuri

    Because race car?
  12. This is the drift scene

    hologram sticker of authenticity must remain
  13. Low pro trolley jacks

    gone up recently from $163.95 to $176 as an FYI!
  14. This is the drift scene

    Yoshi nearly bought a tear to my eye.lol. I am not going to even comment further on anything here (cos I'm too old for this shit) apart from a saying that came to mind from Dr Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park (and read into this as you will) "No, I'm, I'm simply saying that life, uh... finds a way" and it will.