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  1. plenty of balls when you put the foot down and it was really nice drive to be honest... they definitely need some suspension work as I found there to be too much body roll for my liking but hey when driving around LA with people giving you the thumbs up i couldnt careless about body roll if i had to compare it to something local, it pretty much drives like a monaro
  2. went to the states in 2009 and hired an escalade around Miami but in LA i got myself one of these bad boys which were still very new:
  3. oh right near my place - most probably will rock up no more 180 so is my AE86 welcome? also whats the likelyhood the restaurant will call the cops?
  4. The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard

    i thought it was so freaking funny - thanks for the reccomendation boys
  5. PS3 Games

    Madden 2010 is awesome - i got it a few weeks ago, it's got alot of cut scenes though but you might like that
  6. FFXIII Discussion Thread

    ok no flaming me please - i've never played a FF game before ever *ducks flying controller* but this game looks awesome and i'm pretty sure i'll give this one a go but being new to the FF series and RPG's in general am i going to miss out on story and plot lines as i havent touched any of the old ones? Are FF series games dependant on knowing the old stories? thanks boys
  7. i think skyline has a good point there about the environment you grew up in. I'm Asian but went to school with alot of euro/white girls and almost all of the girls i have dated were european/white. Infact the only reason i went out with a few asian girls was because i though i'd give them a go haha i'm quite happy with the girl i've ended up with in the end - half white half filo. Petite/pocket rocket from the asian blood, fair skin and nice boobs from the anglo blood haha now from my own experience white/euro girls love asian guys because asian guys tend to spoil them more, spend more on them, treat them nice, etc on the flip side my asian mates generally dont mind white girls but the problem for them is that they dont know how to approach them and are a bit nervous to approach them rather then asian girls - their reasoning is that asian girls are more open to hooking up with asian guys, as opposed to other races.
  8. PS3 problem or TV problem?

    had a similar problem - i just switched it off at the power switch on the back and then it reset and was fine after
  9. E-tags

    just get the RTA - it works everywhere
  10. whats your favourite series?

    Sienfeld How i met your mother Friends (was my fav back in the day) Band of brothers (one of my more recent favourites
  11. Anyone a barista?

    wow no1 here is a barista?
  12. Anyone a barista?

    Hey guys, So at the end of January I'm deciding not to renew my contract at work and am planning to take a few months off. I'll go crazy if i'm not doing somethingand have decided to take on a casual job for fun a couple days a week. I really have a love for a good cup of coffee and am thinking about becoming a barista as it looks kind of fun and you get to meet alot of people. Money isnt a big deal so i'm not really worried about that but i really dont want to have to wake up early is there such thing as a "late shift" barista? I figured i need to do a barista course first, but is it hard to get a few shifts here and there? if anyone could tell me what it's like or any info that would be great.
  13. UFC 110

    i had my fight club membership from when i watched UFC 104 in LA so i got in on the presale my mates couldnt afford diamond so we all got platinum tickets
  14. Attention Golfers

    you dont need carbon shafts until you get old - stick with steel shafts for now.