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  1. Did this on the weekend. Cheap and awesome.
  2. Both super popular cars in Japan. Both small. Both never designed for the track. 1 Litre turbo VS 1.3 Litre N/A. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mji2IzalV4U
  3. Kicking off Season 5 with a broken 180SX. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ThG_keOLEE&hd=1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7aXjnQkVOA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDe-CMZmXXo
  4. Car got finished last episode so todays video it hits the track...
  5. All good points and was not properly explained in the video. The problem with the episode from a production point of view was the editing out of a section in the video where Marty talks only using the factory seat belts (which were left in) without a proper cage (a mod planned for a later stage if its decided to take it more seriously). It has since been fixed in an updated version of the video because on looking back at it, it looks like the harness is a complete replacement for the front seat belts, which it was not. Cheers guys.
  6. Correct. MCM banter makes up a big part of the videos. Also correct. Car looked like the space ship from Star Wars from Yodas swamp. Engine cleaned because it was covered in mould and Yoda's swamp juice. Also needed to check engine numbers to make sure not stolen. Well in this video it appears to come good. But who knows what untold damage future episodes may reveal... Yup a rusty unregistered 180SX with a blown engine and full of mould from Parramatta was $600. A rare bargain! Maybe just a little
  7. The end of Season Four has come, and here it is. Trying to obtain street cred on a budget. TV length (40 minutes) Full HD. New Car. New Mods. Was it a success or failure? Thats up to you to decide.
  8. Cool way of carrying around all your music First saw this in real life in an S15 at Melbourne MCM meet, but ergonomically it's easier to fit into the Subaru.
  9. Enjoy the craziness that is SEMA 2012. So clean...
  10. In this episode, go to New Zealand where cars are cheap and mods are legal! Buy a cheap car then boost it. mad.
  11. So do these things really work? 15% power increase (including on turbo cars due to "reduction of lag") for kits that sell for as little as $100 - sounds to good to be true. If only I'd installed one on my S15 when I had the chance... But then again maybe they actually work like the box says. Time to find out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbGWgvJN1_8
  12. Just finished off our Cressida sleeper with the 1JZ from a Chaser which we bought and cut up in Japan. Took it down to the drags to see how she went... Had a few Falcon and Commodore drivers with a surprised look on their faces.
  13. Sleeper Cressida @ Drags [Mighty Car Mods Episode]

    Nah it had to go to make room for our next project 180SX. I'm coming back boys!! Did Marty refuse to drive it, So you are keeping it yourself? Currently refusing. Working on it...
  14. Sleeper Cressida @ Drags [Mighty Car Mods Episode]

    Nah it had to go to make room for our next project 180SX. I'm coming back boys!!
  15. After our last video on POD filters we had heaps of people asking if sticking some pipe in your bumper to your POD makes a difference. So we decided to find out:
  16. Ah its been a big journey so far across two countries. From making our own half cut through to shipping and finding a donor car. But we're really happy with the result and we'll be seeing a lot more of it...
  17. So as you may have heard, myself and a few guys from the MCM Forum decided to make our own magazine about the stuff that interests us: imports, mods, DIY as well as music, photography tips and mad reports from Japan. If you like the sounds of any of those things then then this is for you! We're now up to issue 3 with a brand new and kick ass layout and design by Garth Ivers (ex-Autosalon Magazine) So if you want something to fill your brains and feast your eyeballs on then let me introduce MCM | THE MAGAZINE In this issue: * We check out Mechanical Stigs awesome modified Subaru SVX * A unique Rat Rod build from USA * Drift Scene in Japan Explained by LabJapan * We teach you how to buy the right half cut * As well as technical articles on ECU tuning, DIY airbox mods and tips and tricks for your own car. * MOOGARU Forester gets Coilovers * Marty gets crazy on service history for second hand cars * Irongav takes a Corolla to Uluru * Steve King gives us our regular Japan report. * Andrew Hawkins gives HellaFlush a good spanking There's also photography tips, pro photo interviews and an exclusive interview with Erin Renee (the singer from "Collide") Geoff Thompson (BAFTA winning writer) teaches us how to find our true purpose, and there's gaming news, readers rides, questions answered and coverage of the MCM Melbourne meet. And of course, so much more. Marty and I would like to say a massive thank you to all the contributors (who have comes from all over the world) as well as the moderators, Vincent our Editor in chief, and Garth Ivers, our design and layout guru. We hope you enjoy MCM MAG#3 - the worlds best indie car mag made by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. https://shop.mightycarmods.com/
  18. Mighty Car Mods Magazine (Issue#3 OUT NOW)

    Of course. Apologies
  19. Mighty Car Mods Magazine (Issue#3 OUT NOW)

    haha - there's no MR2. Martys idea of humour...
  20. In the name of science and good taste, we at MightyCarMods are seeking out the WORST mod possible for your car: The one thing that would send shivers of embarrasment up your spine if such a mod were done to your car. Later on, we we crown the MOST EMBARRASSING MOD as voted by the classy people of the modified car Community and we'll be able to forever know what is worse mod rolling on our roads. This non-definitive list was put together from moderators of a number of different forums. Now its up to you to choose! INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Imagine your own car 2) Which one of the items on the list is the WORST thing you could do to your car?
  21. A little while ago I sold my S15 to swap to a Subaru. Now Marty, the guy who made me do it, has sold all his Subarus so I got him a little present... Welcome to ns.com Marty
  22. We're seeing if a CAI has much of an effect on this car. Answer is not really. There's no flaw there. It's just the numbers. Nobody is paying us to try and convince anyone of the results. It's just what happened on the day. Have you ever driven your turbo car on a cold night? Goes heaps better than on a hot day right? It's more about ambient temperature than anything else and as mentioned in the video, no matter what filter style and set up is on the car, intake temps were all the same. If you want more power with this car, then intercooler, exhaust and boost would be first on my list. But as seen in our last video on the modified RS, the POD set ups made no extra power over the stock airbox and made less power on the Daihatsu. The little Daihatsu already has a factory CAI and when changed to a POD we lost power. So it would make sense that if we install a CAI (which it already has) and install a POD on it our power increase/decrease will be negligible. We're hoping people can do their own tests and let us know the results. Mighty Mods is about making cars/mods. We just do these Myth style ones every year or two for our own education and enjoyment. We're not going to go and get some n/a cars, then a whole range of branded objects and then point out what works and what doesn't because there are too many variables. Cheers gang! I'm still way back at; ADM liberty being more "JDM" than a imported s15. Tell me about it. But you know, in Japan those RS are way more... actually I'm not even going to go into it You know something moog, Go into it. haha. You have to remember that both cars are "JDM" to Japanese people. They are both Japanese cars! The fact that one of them gets shipped to Australia is irrelevant. So the guy in the video (the judge of this segment is the President of the Used Car Association in Hokkaido). He's the one that got us into the USS auction etc. and played an instrumental part in the filming of our Feature film in Japan in 2010. (Turbos&Temples) There is possibly some "lost in translation" here but the question to him was "Which Car Is More Japanese". (The question was clearly tongue and cheek being that both are are Japanese) In terms of style and shape (if you've been to Japan you'll know) his opinion was that the RS was more "Japanese Style". Again, both of those cars are JDM to Japanese people. And certainly there are way more cars in Japan that have that boxy shape than the clean lines of the S15. Other than the drift club we were with and the auctions, I have not seen an S15 driving on the roads in Japan. But Boxy wagons are everywhere. By numbers and style, that makes them more "Japanese" as they are way more common. Being how massive he is in the Japanese car scene, we were confident to believe him about which car is quintessentially more Japanese, and still stand by it. There was a big thread a while ago about this so I'll try and bring it back on topic by saying... Well when your ready to get back into the nissan scene, We here still got your back! Loosing a silvia is hard. Am already back!! Video out soon Thanks man!