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  1. Steering wheel retrim

    As pmod said it is a pain to do steering wheel trims, dont expect quote's to get much better than $400. Like most legit trim jobs there is alot of hours involved.
  2. Solved... For anyone in the future, the fitting is not long enough for the 'o' ring to seal, seems no one sells a fitting long enough for the S13 rack. Use teflon tape or mill the face of the rack down to get the ring to sell.
  3. Hey guys, Purchased all the required fittings from earls for a high pressure line. Everything is all good except the 'o' ring fitting on the rack will not stop leaking. The 'o' ring is is perfect condition and it does not have a washer on the fitting as this historically cause more of a leak. Also apparently using teflon tape is a no no with powersteering fittings especially 'o' ring and flared fittings. The fitting is a genuine earls fitting 14 x 1.5 AN6 w/o ring Any help is hugely appreciated ! Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, I am aware of the shops list however this is a bit more specific and being majority in the list are mechanical are not much help. Had Profab do tube front last year, ultimately changed what i want with the front end and im looking for a really good quality fab shop that can do a perfect but simple strut tower forward tube front. Front is currently removable but am wanting to go to a simple solid front. Car is a Cefiro. So far looking at : Miller Chassis Killer Customs Racers Choice Ideally you have seen first hand or own a car that has had some substantial fab work done (more than cooler piping) Let me know who you guys use!!
  5. Tow car thread

    Falcon or Petrol Hilux, Used my mum's old AU Forte 6 to tow a hire trailer from Sydney to the Gold coast to pick up a rolling shell and drove straight back with no problems. Currently own an EB XR8 to tow fully loaded kart trailer, does it easy.
  6. Providing you can take the cover off - which you should with a bride - you could try steam cleaning it but be careful as bride material is pretty weak, i wouldn't recommend it. I would soak it in something like napisan - which still has a risk of it losing colour or breaking up the material.
  7. Recommend Retrimmer

    Dave's S15 originally had the shite perforated vinyl. Which was in a very sad state - it had to be removed completely, new foam was applied to the door then the suede was fitted over the top.
  8. Recommend Retrimmer

    Thanks Dave! Was wondering why i was getting a few calls today. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Enterprise-Custom-Trim/180074308669747?sk=wall
  9. i'd doubt so cause ive never had such noises prior to this... ISC coilovers were prone to do it.. They released some crappy gimmick bearing that was meant to stop it , as the camber top pillowball was so insanely tight. I fitted HSD tops which got rid of the issue. I had a top nut come loose and it made a hell of a racket - the likely cause...
  10. cheap retrimmers

    Send me a PM if you have any questions regarding trimming.
  11. Hankook Carbon WRX Time Attack Car

    Its lucky you can sacrifice looking good for the sack of a very fast time...
  12. Anyone into Karts or Formula Vee?

    what about sprint kart racing ? super competitive but plenty of fun!! alot cheaper than the likes of formula vee/ford etc, plus sharpens up your reactions ten fold..
  13. Thought some people might be interested in an infamous D1NZ Cefiro.. Justin sold D1SPEC a few years ago as most are aware, however it was only sold as a rolling shell, the motor went into a R32 destined for hillclimb's, whilst the turbo kit went onto a Driftcorp C33 Laurel the shell was sold to a guy who works on oil rigs therefore was rarely home.. and that's basically what became of NZ's most well known slider.
  14. Kriss for moderator thread.

    really ?? where did it crack ??
  15. kris's A31 Cefiro

    peter is awesome.