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  1. Friday Night Cruise

    sounds damn good, pm the details please when you've got the details sorted
  2. info on hi-torque performance

    you guys make a good point. It's that i am so bloody board in my current job, but i guess its safe and a reliable employer. thanks guys for your input.
  3. info on hi-torque performance

    isn't there a lot to learn in the performance industry? ie engine building, motec tuning, and I'll be able to list Porsche's and Japanese cars experience on my resume. whats to learn at Porsche, the new panamera, big woop. Jag, more oil filter changing, and as for head hunters there arn't many porsche centers in victoria, there a lot more performance tuning places
  4. info on hi-torque performance

    you raise a good point, i've really lost my passion for porsche's same shit car day in day out. at least at hi torque i'll work on something different almost everyday and will get to pamper my own s15 with new parts and new knowledge of what to do with her.
  5. info on hi-torque performance

    I've been working at Porsche for five years now, but I'm a bit over changing filters and sending scuffed rims out to be machined and painted, at jag its got something different and its closer to home, i went for the interview at jag and hi torque today, it seems hi torque mostly do motor sport, and they sacked the guy that blew up the last few engines. and jag I'll be servicing cars again but at least i wont be working on Porsche's still, but i know Porsche's really well so i have that experience and job security
  6. basically what the topic describes. im looking at taking a job there, but i need to know more about the company, well more than the owner is telling me, are they known for mistakes, also if you had your choice between porsche center melbourne, jaguar in doncastor or hi torque performance, which would you choose and why, all those workshops to me have there good and bad points,
  7. s15 remote programming

    if you don't have the old remote you have to get under the dash and remove the control unit, that allows it to reset, when you reconnect it push the button on the remote
  8. s15 remote programming

    you put your key in the ignition turn from off to acc five times, fifth time leave it on acc, press your old remote button then press your new remote button,
  9. do you have whiteline front camber adjustment bolts for a s15? if so how much
  10. girls, stop drinking coffee!

  11. idle not right s15

    i had the same problem with my s15, i put the car on the ecu scanner at work and found out it was the oxygen sensor wasn't working, changed it and the car is 100 times better with idle and fuel,

    i have one, pm me if your interested
  13. Bridgestone Adrelalins

    they sell for $135 each from factory, well thats what bridgestone charged me when i brought them through my mate at bridgestone. how's the mark up
  14. I love my dog

    That looks like something out of resident evil...Mrs mum use to have a tiny ass chiuaua thing was ratty just like that and f**king hated me use to naw on my toes everytime i went over the dog in the pic is what the dog actually looks like, it was voted one of the most ugliest dogs in the world
  15. I love my dog

    for some reason my small dog scares off alot of people as well